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Night Letters Unit 3 week 3 By Palmyra LoMonaco Illustrated by Normand Chartier.

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1 Night Letters Unit 3 week 3 By Palmyra LoMonaco Illustrated by Normand Chartier

2 Our Story for the week.

3 Our Guided Reading Books


5 Night-Flying Hawkmoths

6 Nectar a sweet liquid that is secreted by the nectaries of a plant and is the chief raw material of honey nectaries ectar_guide.html

7 Morse Code, Moris Code and Phonetic Alphabet Topics: ReferencesReferences Morse code (sometimes misspelled as "Moris Code") is a technique for communicating and transmitting alphabetic and numbeic characters through a series of "dots" and "dashes" or "dits" and "dahs". LetterPhoneticMorse Code Morse Code Sound AAlpha. -dit dah BBravo-...dah dit dit dit CCharlie-. dah dit DDelta-..dah dit dit EEcho.dit

8 Realistic Fiction Realistic Fiction has settings that can seem real, but the stories are made up. Genre


10 Draw Conclusion * A conclusion is a decision you reach after thinking about facts and details you read * You can also use what you already know to help draw a conclusion. * Then ask yourself, “Does my conclusion make sense?”

11 Action Verbs Linking Verbs Being Verbs Be form Subject-Verb Agreement

12 Subject Agreement Song Sung to the tune of Bingo first stanza repeated By Frank and Kathy Love of the Game When a Singular Subject needs an Action Verb this is what he does oh, he plays with a baseball, he walks to the mall, he makes a phone call, and “S” is what helped him.

13 Singular Subjects add “S” to Action Verbs (think s, s, +s )

14 When a Singular Subject needs a Being Verb this is what he promised, I am in love with you, my love is very true, I was telling the truth, and this is what he promised.

15 Singular Subjects go with Be form Verbs am, is, was

16 When there’s a Plural Subject who needs an Action Verb this is what they do oh, they play with a baseball, they walk to the mall, they make a phone call, and Action verb stayed the same oh.

17 Plural Subjects or I, you, we, or they just let the verb stay

18 There were Plural Subjects who growled to Being Verbs, and this is what they grumbled, Don’t, want, am, is, was, just, want, are and were,

19 Plural Subjects go with Being Verbs are, were Are,Were

20 Vocabulary

21 blade a leaf of grass Noah had a blade of grass in his hair—leaf.

22 budding Putting forth small swellings on a plant that will grow into leaves, branches, or flowers The leaves were budding. They were beginning to grow.

23 dew The moisture from the air that collects in small drops on cool surfaces during the night. The flowers had some dew on them-- drops of water.

24 Small insects that give off flashes of light when they fly fireflies Another name for fireflies is lightning bugs.

25 to flap the wings flutter I saw a lightning bug flutter its wings-- flap.

26 notepad A small book of blank or lined sheets of paper in which you write notes or things that you need to learn or remember. I have a notepad in which I write.

27 patch A small piece of ground that is different from what surrounds it. I walked past a potato patch yesterday- a piece of ground.

28 sweet sap, or liquid, produced by a flower nectar I saw a butterfly sip the nectar from inside the flower- sweet sap.

29 rough, making scratches on your skin. scratchy After touching poison ivy, I had a red, scratchy arm- rough places on my skin.

30 Can you use your vocabulary words along with this poster?

31 Spelling of /j/, /s/, /k/ * The soft sound of g/j, or dge. * The sound /s/ can be spelled s or c. *The sound /k/ can be spelled c, k, ck, or ch.

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