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English Class 3:30-5:00 Spelling Test/Grammar/Reading.

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1 English Class 3:30-5:00 Spelling Test/Grammar/Reading

2 Spelling Test Please take out a piece of paper and a pencil for the spelling test

3 Simple Past Verbs When do you use simple past verbs? C.A.S.H. Completed Actions A Series of Completed Actions Single Duration Habit in the Past

4 Completed Action This means any action that already happened, or an action that happened in the past. I ate a hot dog. Yesterday, I drove home. I taught English last night.

5 A Series of Completed Actions This means a list of actions that already happened. Yesterday, I taught English, drove back home, and ate dinner. Last week, I went to Arizona, saw a baseball game, and talked to my friends.

6 Single Duration You also use simple past verbs when talking about an action for a period of time. I played the piano for 3 years. I ate only mangoes for 2 days. I studied English for 3 hours.

7 Habit in the Past Usually an action that was done, but not done any more. I played basketball when I was younger. I chewed on roaches when I was a baby. She smoked a lot when she was a teenager.

8 Simple Present Verb Form: 3 rd person singular- add s I hate ice cream. He hates ice cream It loves ice cream They love ice cream The dog loves ice cream The company loves ice cream

9 Simple Present Verbs When do you use Simple Present Verbs? Now Repeated Actions Facts and Generalizations

10 Simple Present Verbs Now Expresses an action is happening or not happening now. You can only use certain types of verbs: Non-continuous verbs Mixed verbs

11 Simple Present Verbs Non-continuous Verbs Non-continuous verbs are actions that you cannot see. Abstract- To be, to want, to cost, to seem, to need, to care, to contain, to owe, to exist Possession- to possess, to own, to belong Emotion- to like, to hate, to love, to dislike, to fear, to envy, to mind

12 Simple Present Verbs Mixed Verbs Example: To have, to appear, to see, to hear, to feel, to weigh, to look They are called mixed verbs because they often have more than one meaning to them. Some behave as continuous in one way, but non-continuous in another way. Example He appears to be sick. (He seems to be sick.) NC He is appearing at the church tonight (He is going to be at the church tonight)

13 Simple Present Verbs Mixed Verbs (cont...) I have a dollar now (I possess a dollar) NC I am having fun now (I am experiencing fun now) She hears the music (Hears the music with her ears) NC She is hearing voices (To hear something others cant hear)

14 Simple Present Verbs Examples for Now I am here. He is here. She has a pencil. I hate math. I love candy He loves cheeseburgers. She feels sick.

15 Simple Present Verbs Can you write for me 5 sentences using Now for Simple Present Verbs?

16 Simple Present Verbs Repeated Actions Expresses that an action is repeated or usual Example I go to school everyday. I always eat lunch. He does not leave at 9AM. He never forgets his wallet.

17 Simple Present Verbs Facts and Generalizations Indicates that the speakers believes that a fact was true before, is true now, and will be true in the future. It doesn't matter if it is true or not. The world is flat. Birds love milk. The cat eats dog meat. Jeremy is a girl. Hannah is a boy. Alex Teacher is cool.

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