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Experimental Design Helicopter Design

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1 Experimental Design Helicopter Design

2 Bell Work- Problem What affects the rate of descent for a paper helicopter if your only materials are one index card and one or more paperclips?

3 Hypothesis If ________ (number ) paper clips are added to the helicopter then the helicopter will land _____ .

4 Materials Paper clips Index card Scissors Stop watch Meter stick

5 Independent Variable Helicopter Design

6 Dependent Variable Average time for helicopter to land

7 Controls Helicopter design template Stop watch Meter stick Index card

8 Procedures 1. Use one 3X5 index card
2.Use diagram to draw template of helicopter 3.Cut along the solid lines 4.Fold flap A forward and flap B to the back 5.Fold flap C forward and flap D to the back. 6.Release the helicopter 1 meter from the ground and time how long it will take to land. Do this a total of 5 times.

9 Procedures 7.Add 1 paper clip to the bottom of the helicopter
8. Release and time a total of 5 times. 9. Add 2 paper clips to the bottom of the helicopter. 10. Release and time a total of 5 times. 11. Average the trials for 1, 2, and 3. 12. Graph your results

10 Data Table Helicopter Trials

11 What Graph do you use? Bar Graph

12 Conclusion My hypothesis is correct or not___
My independent variable is__________ My dependent variable is ___________ My results from the experiment showed Helicopter 1 _____ average Helicopter 2 _____ average Helicopter 3 _____ average What did you learn from the experiment?

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