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Impressing the Employer Martyn Wade National Librarian.

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1 Impressing the Employer Martyn Wade National Librarian

2 Some general points: Employers want to make an appointment Each recruitment process is different Follow instructions Show why you want the job Show why the employer should appoint you Be honest Be relevant and concise Think yourself into the job The process started a long time before you saw the advert

3 What are employers looking for? Perfection Failing that, someone who will make a positive difference

4 Before the advert Defining the job Defining the person specification Planning the recruitment process

5 The advert We want to attract your attention We want the best people to apply for our job, not someone else’s

6 Should you apply? Do you want the job? Do you match the person specification Ask for more information if you want to

7 Selection process 1 – the application Legible, neat, tidy, concise Fill in all the sections Target your responses to the vacancy What have you done well in your current post How would this help in the new post Convince us why we should interview you

8 Selection process 2 Tests Assessment centres

9 Selection process 3 Interview Presentation Questions

10 The decision … is final Seek feedback

11 Headhunters

12 What about internal recruitment?

13 Don’t forget It’s not rocket science We are not psychic Don’t try and fool anyone Imagine yourself into the new post The best person may be someone else Prove to us we should appoint you

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