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Welcome to Fourth Grade! Miss Guiberson 206.542.1133 x123.

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1 Welcome to Fourth Grade! Miss Guiberson 206.542.1133 x123

2 Educational Philosophy/Background  BA and MiT from Seattle University  Student teaching at Saint Luke  Kids learn best when…  they feel safe and valued  they are actively engaged in the learning  It’s not all fun and games-but there will be plenty of that too!

3 Expectations  Students should put forth their best effort at all times  Work should be neat, legible, and on time  It’s time to break out the cursive!

4 Organization  We’ll be working on these skills!  Keep folder and desk neat-it just makes things easier!  Use planner daily! Parents, please initial nightly.

5 Homework  Should take roughly 30 minutes per night, (sometimes more, sometimes less)  You know your child best. If there’s something they’re really struggling with, (more than just not wanting to do it) please write me a note and let me know!  No homework over holiday breaks! (For my benefit, too!)  No weekend homework, provided all work for the week has been turned in  Missing assignments will be highlighted in your child’s planner

6 Vacations  Great! Take your kids to see the world! We will make up a folder of work that they missed and they will have ample time to get it done when they get back!

7 Communication  Before/after school appointments are available  Web page updated weekly  Newsletter sent home bi-weekly  Progress reports/Report cards  Conferences in October  Planners

8 Curriculum Overview  Curriculum maps for the year are attached  Please feel free to ask me any questions!  These are a guide for the topics/pacing for the year. Each class is unique in it’s needs/capabilities.

9 How to help at home…  Math Facts! It helps the kids so much if they know their math facts- all operations! Give them a set of flashcards and a timer and turn it into a game!  Study Time! Setting aside a certain amount of time each day for school work, even if they are done with homework helps them build study skills.  Read with your child! They love hearing stories from you! Ask them questions about what they’re reading.  Play time helps them too!

10 Interesting Articles…  5-benefits-play.html  Out-There/Why-Be-Out- There/Benefits.aspx

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