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Welcome to Mrs Gillum’s Room

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1 Welcome to Mrs Gillum’s Room
Advanced 8th Grade Science

2 Weekly s My (this is the way to REALLY reach me!!) Please me tonight/tomorrow if you did not get an on Saturday! I want you in the loop!!! In the subject line write: the class period and your student’s name I send an EVERY Friday night/Saturday morning with what we did in class and what we will be doing the next week.

3 My web page: My Web Page with LOTS of information:
8th Grade Advanced Science (Index) Web Page: click here Science Fair Web Page: click here Science Photo Directory!! To come… it will link off the main page

4 Grades: I do not post my grades/homework on Parent Connect.
I do send home a progress notice approx every 3 weeks, when we have completed a unit I have all assignments posted on my web page, plus the kids have a hard copy syllabus. If you have any concerns, please feel free to drop me an .

5 Curriculum This year the focus is on Space Science, Chemistry: Inorganic and Organic, Physics: Force & Motion, Life Skills, Sex Ed…. AND Science Fair They will survive and so will you! :) They currently have their Sept to Oct syllabus for regular science class work, PLUS the science fair syllabus with all the deadlines. They will receive the Oct-Nov syllabus next week

6 Curriculum & Dates: Science Fair will be completed PRIOR to winter break! Only the boards will need to come in after vacation. Science Fair Open House is Wed Jan 21 School & regional competition is Jan 22-23 City science fair is at the March 24-29 State science fair is in May in LA

7 Email & Communication I am VERY big into communication with my kids
Your students need to be checking their EVERY NIGHT by 8pm. If they don’t have their own account, PLEASE consider getting them one. I the kids A LOT, and it will be much easier if they do have their own account that they can check nightly.

8 Computer Time & Before School
If you don’t have a computer at home, or it’s broken, the Scripps Ranch Library does have computers available for use. In addition, I’m here every morning by 6:30, open at lunch, feel free to have your student come before school. Have your student contact me if they need some computer time,want some tutoring or study time. They are more than welcome!

9 Homework It has to be in on time.
It will probably be more that 20 minutes per night, (because of the Science Fair) but all students will receive a 8 week syllabus and they can get ahead or double up if they have activities. There is NO LATE WORK accepted. They will know the deadlines. They need to follow them. THIS is critical life long learning. PLEASE make sure they are saving a duplicate copy of their SF project on a separate flash drive

10 Absences . If your student is absent, it is THEIR responsibility to see me and find out what they missed on the first day they return to school. This can be done before / after school, during lunch or by . Please feel free to contact me if your student will be out an extended period of time. I will copy lecture notes and provide as much work as I can for their absences. You can also check my web site. It has my lectures with "student notes" and "teacher notes,” handouts and a lot more!

11 Absences Homework (notebooks & projects) are due on the date stated in the syllabus. If your student is absent one day, their work/test make up is to take place THE FIRST DAY they return to school, SO have them see me before school! After 3 days of non completion, or failure to turn in an assignment, the assignment will be recorded as a zero. Some large projects are due on the due date, whether the student is in school or not. This is to prevent the “homework flu”. Those projects will be noted in the syllabus & plenty of notice will be given.

12 In conclusion… This is an amazing group of kids. I felt like I knew them by the time school started because we had written each other so many times. Thank you for sending me such great kids.

13 Welcome to Mrs Gillum’s Room

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