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Managed Knowledge Networks for Cancer, Coronary Heart Disease and Mental Health in the West of Scotland Annette Thain MKN Project Manager

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1 Managed Knowledge Networks for Cancer, Coronary Heart Disease and Mental Health in the West of Scotland Annette Thain MKN Project Manager 9th June 2004

2 Outline Libraries in the NHS Recent changes in the NHS and the effect on libraries MKN Project –Portals –Mapping –Networks Potential for co-operation

3 Beatson Oncology Centre Library Clinical queries Current awareness services Clinical Librarian service to multi-professional teams Research support Education and CPD Patient Information Website

4 NHS Organisational changes Organisation of healthcare delivery –Partnership working with NHS, social care and voluntary sector –Primary care led NHS –Managed Clinical Networks –Multi-professional team working Patient journey model Provision of patient information

5 IT Developments Improved access to IT within NHS settings NHS Scotland e-Library Electronic access to national and local subscription resources Single Athens login to access services and subscription resources from any computer


7 Managed Knowledge Networks project Response to changing pattern of healthcare delivery eg MCNs Development of subject portals Mapping of services in the west Development of networks to meet the changing needs

8 Cancer Knowledge portals within the NHS Scotland e-Library Coronary Heart Disease Mental Health

9 Mapping services: gathering the information NHS libraries and knowledge services Local authorities and social care information services Public libraries HE/FE libraries Voluntary groups and charities

10 I am well I have a problem Symptoms/Signs Examinations Diagnosis Treatment/ Procedure Chronic illness/ Rehabilitation Well again Information Health improvement Healthier lifestyle Recognition of symptoms Sources NHS HI material/campaign/awareness Voluntary sector/charities Primary care/clinics Public libraries Information NHS Leaflets & consent forms Patient information material for charities Support groups /friends Practical information Sources Clinics NHS 24 Internet Charities Public libraries Community pharmacists LA/Social work Outcome Reinforces verbal information Research shows that the right information at the right time reduces anxiety Better understanding, with this comes better coping and adherence to medication regimes Increase patient informed consent Patient Journey and sources of information

11 Health queries in public libraries Drug information Background to recently diagnosed conditions for themselves or a family member Local services and support groups In depth queries often involving rare conditions

12 Mars

13 Cancer information services

14 Cancer information services in the West of Scotland Cancer Managed Clinical Networks are well established Lack of coordinated support for the multi-professional teams in the networks Need to improve equity of access to knowledge services Role of the knowledge portal for cancer

15 Mental Health information services

16 Mental Health Information Partnerships between NHS, local authorities and voluntary sector Emphasis on service information Difficulty in identifying and sharing best practice MKN portal first attempts to address the above

17 Lanarkshire information services

18 Mapping of services Complexity of the provision of information Maps as a useful tool Maps as an aid to planning Patient journey and the role of information Advantages of better understanding of the needs of the users Concept mapping tool

19 Directory of libraries and information providers including NHS, social care, voluntary sector, public libraries

20 Managed Knowledge Networks Support to ensure the portals are useful and meet user needs Services to better support the MCNs Support for the sustainability of the portal Evaluation of websites Increase our understand of user needs

21 Knowledge Exchanges Virtual workspace –Upload documents, protocols etc –Organisational knowledge – minutes, reports etc –Sharing best practice Specific subject or geographic focus Provide a useful tool for the MCNs and the developing Community Health Partnerships Sharing of tacit knowledge and expertise Communication via a discussion forum

22 Discussion Forums Knowledge Exchange Service

23 Communities of Practice Cut across boundaries Cut across traditional hierarchies Have a defined task or function Be flexible to evolve Managed by the members Willingness to invest time and effort

24 Examples of NHS and Public Library Co-operation in the west North Lanarkshire Health Information Points East Renfrewshire Health Information worker Renfrewshire – Renfrew public library and Macmillan Cancer Relief D & G training GP surgery staff Sandyford Initiative, Glasgow Access Glasgow Health Training A & C community NHS staff in a public library computer cluster

25 Networks of libraries SHINE GHI (Glasgow Health Information) ALF (Ayrshire Libraries Forum) Grampian Information ?

26 NHS and Public Libraries Signposting: services and support Health information to the public –IT training –Support from the NHS libraries for complex queries Training - Rural and Community staff Awareness of services available to NHS staff and partners

27 Contacts We are very interested in examples of co-operation or suggestions for any aspect of the project. please contact: Annette Thain Project Manager NHS Education for Scotland 0141 223 1553

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