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Joanne Riach HI-Net Co-ordinator

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1 Joanne Riach HI-Net Co-ordinator

2 What is HI-Net? Grampian Health Improvement Network An interactive communication tool for those with a remit for Health Improvement A central point for all your Health Improvement needs Not just another health website

3 Background to HI-Net Move to partnership working Health improvement now on everyone’s agenda Consultation workshops held 2001/2002 –45 reps from NHSG, Fire, Police, LA’s, voluntary sector –Feedback endorsed network development

4 Background to HI-Net Originally proposed to be Grampian Public Health Network Grampian Health Improvement Network (HI-Net) more inclusive of all partner organisations

5 HI-Net Aims To be an interactive website, designed to improve communication and information sharing between professionals with a remit for Health Improvement.

6 HI-Net Objectives Establish a Network –regular meetings, evaluation Communication –raise awareness –support local networks –website exists Information and Sign-posting –documents database, funding streams, ongoing activity Peer Support and Training –training resources

7 Who is involved? Phase I –Public Health/Health Improvement and some others Phase II –Local Authorities –NHS Grampian –Voluntary Sector –Any other organisations/depts/individuals with remit for Health Improvement Public –limited access, primarily a professionally focused site

8 HI-Net Features Must be registered, a simple process Need to be logged in to access ALL facilities on the site Any problems, contact HI-Net Team


10 HI-Net Features Documents Library –Health Improvement documents –Download –Ability to upload your own, subject to verification –Your documents can be protected:- everyone registered members specific group


12 HI-Net Features Discussion Forum –Can join in existing topics –Start your own discussion topics –Request your own area and use forum for communicating with your group/colleagues etc –Can be protected –Forum easily accessible from any location


14 HI-Net Features Searchable Who’s Who View/submit Events calendar/Event reports View/submit Weblinks View/submit News Training/Conferences Funding Sources

15 Where HI-Net is now Nearing end of pilot phase I –126 registered members –Exceeded initial targets Website in operation, graphics being developed Evaluation of Phase I Phase II launch end of March 04

16 HI-Net & NHS Grampian Internet –Public site –Not interactive –HI-Net aimed at professionals Intranet –Only accessible from within NHSG network, not externally/from home –Not accessible to partner organisations –Not interactive

17 HI-Net & NHS Grampian HI-Net Interactive, any registered member can upload/contribute to site Not part of the intranet, so accessible from any location Is a Partnership tool –So has own identity, not just NHSG –Allows for flexibility/extra features


19 How HI-Net can help YOU Use forums to communicate with other colleagues in your field Use HI-Net’s facilities to publicise and promote your work –Events calendar, News, Training, Forums Instant access to information Share your information with others

20 The Future Tailored login, you see what you want to see Email bulletins tailored around your interests On-line tutorials HI-Net is YOUR site, what would YOU like to see on it?

21 The Future HI-Net Always evolving to meet user needs, feedback always welcome

22 HI-Net Team Joanne Riach - HI-Net Co-ordinator Andy Williamson - Webmaster Rhona Johnston - Electronic Information Advisor

23 Thank You

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