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SECTION B: SOCIAL ISSUES IN THE UK Study Theme 2: Wealth and Health in the UK 6.

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1 SECTION B: SOCIAL ISSUES IN THE UK Study Theme 2: Wealth and Health in the UK 6.

2 CONNECT Let’s play JEOPARDY! (aka what’s the question for this answer) Eg A. NHS Possible questions What does this acronym stand for? What is it? What is the purpose of the NHS?

3 Learning intentions Be able to give examples of government strategies to deal with health inequality Be able to understand and explain the impact of these Be able to make links between evidence, causes, strategies and impact

4 UK Government strategies: ACHESON REPORT1997 - made 39 recommendations to tackle health inequalities. The Saving Lives - Our Healthier Nation White Paper was published in 1999 Worthwhile action needs to come from government working in partnerships with local communities and individuals.Our Healthier Nation The NHS Plan was published in 2000 and provides a blueprint for the reform of the NHS. The Plan emphasised the importance of tackling health inequalities in a context of considerable extra public investment directed towards improving and modernising the National Health Service (NHS). It gives particular emphasis to reducing inequalities in access to NHS services, especially primary care, as well as emphasising the need to improve child health, and on a population basis, to improve nutrition and reduce smoking. The NHS Plan

5 Example in practice: The Sure Start centres were set up to give more deprived children a better chance in life. A £500 maternity grant is available to those on benefits. A study published in December 2010, comparing five year-olds in Sure Start areas with others in non-Sure Start areas, found there were fewer obese children in the areas where the programme had run. And parents felt there had been a number of benefits - they said their children were healthier and better behaved. But the study found no measurable improvement in Sure Start children's assessment scores when they started school.

6 StrategyImpact The Skills Strategy and the Curriculum for Excellence, decreased the proportion of adults aged 16-64 with low or no qualifications Scotland was the first country in the UK to introduce a smokefree law in March 2006 17% decrease in heart attack admissions in the year after its ban. The Alcohol Act 2011- Banned drink promotions. Hasn’t changed overall alcohol consumption. Minimum pricing for alcoholDelayed Cigarette DisplayEach year, tobacco use is associated with over 13,000 deaths and 56,000 hospital admissions in Scotland. Healthy StartHealth of Scotland is improving, it is doing so more slowly than other European countries. Active SchoolsRise of more than half a million to 5.1 million participating

7 Overall Impact By 2009, the proportion of deaths from CHD in the 15% most deprived areas had fallen slightly to 24.0%, and cancer deaths had fallen to 19.1%. (There was a slight improvement) During the same period, cancer mortality rates in the under 75s fell by 12% in Scotland overall, and by 3% in the most deprived areas. There is evidence that government intervention is more effective, than relying on individuals to improve their own lives. (Macintyre 2007, Equally Well 2008).

8 Impact: Scotland Health Policy in Scotland since the publication of Towards a Healthier Scotland in 2010 has prioritised health inequalities. BUT recent Scottish evidence demonstrates that inequalities in mortality are increasing between social classes and between more and less deprived areas, partly due to increases in diseases relating to alcohol and drug use in deprived areas and, at the same time, reductions in ischemic heart disease in affluent areas.

9 Children and Health Children who have a healthy start in life, especially the early years, grow up to be healthier adults. The inequalities gap between under-5s from rich and poor families has barely changed over the last decade, and despite the government investing £10.9bn.

10 Review Create a board game involving questions and answers about Health inequalities. You may create the game in whatever format you wish BUT it must include the following: Entertainment Intelligence Wit Accurate Information A mix of yes/no answers And multiple choice questions Assess understanding of Health inequalities: causes, evidence, strategies and impact…

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