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Mission Statement Valuing women and children and their rights, the Thompson Crisis Centre Inc. works to eradicate violence against women in society by.

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1 Mission Statement Valuing women and children and their rights, the Thompson Crisis Centre Inc. works to eradicate violence against women in society by providing women, children and communities with tools to enhance growing, encouraging violence-free living, and promoting healthier tomorrows. The Thompson Crisis Centre Inc. is dedicated to providing a holistic range of services to women and their children who experience physical, sexual or psychological abuse. Recognizing that violence does not occur in isolation from society, the Thompson Crisis Centre works through community partnerships to advocate networks and develop services to meet the needs of individuals, families, and communities.

2 Values Respect and dignity guides everything we do We work in partnership with other agencies and community organizations to the benefit of our clients We are guided by ethical standards and best practices We promote continuous improvement and life-long learning We promote healthy communities

3 Our friends!!  MAPS  University of Manitoba School of Social Work  Thompson Housing Agency  Futures  YWCA  Burntwood Food Security  Integrated Services  Hello Parents  Custom Storage  School District of Mystery Lake  Manitoba Housing  Salvation Army  General membership  SMD, SOAR Chapter, The Shoebox Project  Gardewine North  Kinette Club  Family Violence Prevention Program  Manitoba Association of Women’s Shelters  Neighborhoods Alive  Healthy Together Now  Northern Regional Health Authority  Status of Women Donations received Throughout the 2013-2014 year helped bring smiles to many faces…..  Opasquai Chapter #24 Order of the Eastern Star  Family Foods, Giant Tiger, The Shriners, A&W, Walmart, CIBC,TALLs lunch box, Corner Deli, KFC, Safeway, Crazy Pete’s, Strand Theatre, Subway, Reitman’s, Lockers Real Estate, McDonalds, Thompson Water Factory, Domino’s Pizza, Kicks & Threads, Arctic Trading Post, Pizza Hut, Robins Donuts, Bacco’s, Santa Maria, Quizno's,, St. Amour Family, Sobeys, Jason Lucas, The Brick  Belinda Stronach Foundation ( 1 laptop per child)  Employment and Income Assistance  Canada Employment and Immigration Union  Canadian Women's Foundation  Vale  City of Thompson

4 What do we do?  24-7 Emergency Shelter  24-7 Crisis Line  Transition Floor  Children’s Counseling and support  Non-residential Counseling and support  Outreach/community work  Follow-up support  Life skills support  Community Action Plan Safety Shelter Stability Sensitivity Support Services Security

5 The numbers……..  Received 1,417 crisis calls  Provided support to 17 women and 37 children in the transition program  5179 emergency bed nights provided for 224 women and 141 children  Over 1512 counseling sessions were provided to 262 women  On site and off site counseling support for 150 children  6,875 unique hits on the Thompson Crisis Centre website

6 Comparing 2012/2013 2013/2014 Bed nights

7 How many visited our website?

8 A year in review The Province continued to implement recommendations from the multi year Domestic Violence strategy Hosted “Take back the night” walk Co-hosted with YWCA International Women’s Day Participated in Dec 6 th and sisters in spirit vigil Successfully held union/management and staff meetings A family violence workshop and dance was held during winter fest A poster contest was held during domestic violence awareness month Staff participated in WISH training and case management/documentation training MB housing announced capital upgrade project for the facility to include replacement of all windows, grading on the property, replacement of sections of fencing, and replacement of some doors within the facility to meet fire regulations Several presentations provided to elementary schools and community organizations Completed renovations in the Emergency floor office Enhanced activities were offered to clients

9 A year in review

10 And what is to come?? Continue to expand outreach services in our efforts to bring awareness of Domestic/Family violence within Thompson and surrounding communities Begin essential skills training in partnership with the YWCA Continue to offer evening and weekend activities to women and their children Continue to offer life skills programming promoting healthier living strategies Continue to research and develop a pre-employment program for women accessing the transition program Continue to advocate for additional transitional housing for women Maintain and expand community connections Enhance parenting, children and youth services Upgrading of technology Continue to develop strong partnerships with women advocacy agencies Completion of updating standards manual and policies Completion of the community action plan to reduce violence against women and girls

11 Questions and Contact Information Call us for help 24 hours a day local (Thompson) Crisis Line 204.778.7273 Provincial Toll Free 1.877.977.0007 Outreach office at the Burntwood Community Resource on Wednesday and Friday 204.677.1781 and at the YWCA Women’s Resource Centre on Monday afternoon Business Line: 204.677.9668Fax Line: 204.677.8376 Address:Box 1226, Thompson, Manitoba, R8N 1P1 Websites: ‎

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