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Innovation in Industrial Technologies for a Better and Healthier World 1 Wilfried Vancraen CEO & Founder Materialise.

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1 Innovation in Industrial Technologies for a Better and Healthier World 1 Wilfried Vancraen CEO & Founder Materialise

2 1992 Draft of First EU Project: Phidias A 2-year-old company active in stereolithography/Additive Manufacturing 10 people Biomechanical Engineers A mission... 2

3 The Materialise Mission Statement Through our activities we want to contribute to a better and healthier world. We believe we can do this by innovating product development. Our software knowhow, hardware infrastructure and in-depth knowledge of Additive Manufacturing help us in realizing this mission.

4 Brite Euram Project: Phidias 1993-1995 Laser photopolymerisation models based on medical imaging: A development which improves the accuracy of surgery

5 From Primitive CT Scan to Accurate Model

6 Phidias : Accurate, Useful Color Models 6 1995

7 From implant simulationto guided navigation Custom template to transfer planning to surgery 1997-1999 : PISA Project SurgiGuides

8 Surgical Planning at New Levels: Preparing the Future

9 Orthopaedic Guides and Custom Implants


11 Win Win Win Win Possible ! For the patient For the surgeon For the industry For the government’s healthcare system 11 Image courtesy of Prof. Liu Yanpu, Dr Bai Shizhu, Prof Zhao Yimin, Fourth Military Medical University, China Prof. Dr. Cornelius, LMU Munich, Germany

12 AM at Materialise? 210 000 technical pieces 120 000 medical pieces +5000 individual engineered solutions for patients / month 12

13 Materialise Personnel 1990 - 2010 13

14 But... Penetration of the technology thanks to US orthopaedic companies Revenues for those companies a multiplicator of Materialise revenues Today 80 % of patients taking advantage of this technology in the US... 14

15 How to Create Better Projects for Europe? Focus on projects that create big Added Value Focus on projects that create a Market Develop/protect strategic market positions 15

16 Benin: a Stable African Country 16 Parity Purchasing Power: 4% of Belgium’s

17 17

18 Transport is Accident Prone 18

19 19 A Market We are Losing...

20 A Lack of Transport is Impeding Development 20

21 The Project : African Drive... Build small buses / vans for Africa New design, adapted to circumstances: Maintainable in Africa Adapted to road conditions Driving optimal at 50 km/h max at 90 km/h, low consumption Transport approx 12 people economically Sold with microfinancing to private entrepeneurs With tracking system for taxation, control, data gathering 21

22 Current transport cost investigation Fair wage for drivers Fair wage for maintenance Payment of taxes to governement Insurance cost Microfinancing Economic Viability Required 22

23 For Africa or for Europe ??? Create a market for economic growth Build experience in ‘Cost Down Innovation’ (ship Ikea-like packaged cars) Prevent the environmental problems that we experienced and solved from appearing oversized in Africa Solve technical challenges with spin- off opportunities (e.g. maintenance free air filter) Create second lives for multiple products we produce (e.g. tires) 23

24 24 Necessary requirement: a good ecosystem Big competitive advantage: a good ecosystem

25 A project for : 25 Back to the roots Industry: build vans that provide mobility in difficult road conditions, but economical and environment friendly Industry

26 A project for : 26 Back to the roots Financial Sector: provide finance where it is required most Industry Finance

27 A project for : 27 Back to the roots Insurance Sector: provide security where people, finance providers and industry need it Industry Finance Insurance

28 A project for : 28 Back to the roots Industry Finance Accounting Insurance Accounting Sector: secure open accountability of all parties involved

29 A project for : 29 Back to the roots Media Sector: bring constructive information that helps to get this project in a positive drive, in Europe, in Africa... Industry Finance Accounting Media Insurance

30 A project for : 30 Back to the roots Politics: create the rules to bring the so much required, economical, environmentally friendly mobility to African countries Industry Finance Accounting Media Insurance Politics

31 Make it Happen for 2020 ? 31 Interested? Talk to us at booth 96 at 13h30 Who has read ‘Flagship Area’s’ for 2020 ? Who found it an engaging text that motivates European citizens to run behind the European Flag ? Who would find ‘African Drive’ a project that can motivate people ?

32 Make it Happen for 2020 ? Test phase with existing vans Design phase Use existing technology but innovate on cost down Solve technological challenges Recuperate components Pre-series in Flanders, Belgium? Maintenance in Benin Production in Benin 32 Interested? Talk to us at booth 96 at 13h30

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