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The UK Space Agency: Our plan for space Dr Alice Bunn, Director of Policy November 2014.

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1 The UK Space Agency: Our plan for space Dr Alice Bunn, Director of Policy November 2014

2 Space – why do we care?

3 Space is critical to: Science and innovation Public services Security Economy

4 How is space critical to me?

5 You are citizen space!

6 Space and the economy

7 Future trends

8 Services in Numbers In car navigation –230 million systems in use globally in 2012 –Installations expected to grow to 32 million in 2019 (compare 14 million in 2013) Satellite TV –Satellite TV revenues for 138 countries to reach US$100 billion in 2020 –Including free to air, 439 million homes to directly receive TV signals via satellite dish in 2020 Commercial Satellite Imagery –Imaging market set to reach  US$5 billion by 2019 (compare US$2 billion in 2012)


10 The need to regulate space activities Is regulation the enemy of economic growth?

11 1 st clip

12 Characteristics of our regime Technical compliance Financial compliance Insurance Spectrum allocation

13 Regulation is not enough….

14 To make the United Kingdom more resilient to the risk of disruption to space services and capabilities, including from space weather To enhance the United Kingdom’s national security interests through space To promote a safe and more secure space environment To enable industry and academia to exploit science and grasp commercial opportunities in support of national space security interests


16 Space weather impacts

17 How are we doing?

18 The UK Space Market Source: Oxford Economics

19 UK Expertise includes: The leading global mobile satcom operator The world’s first public- private partnership for secure military communications The world’s most advanced satellite telecommunication technology World-leading business in software, satellite control and ground segment technology Outstanding achievements in space-based science Excellence in Earth science for climate and environment monitoring and its use in business The world’s leading small satellite company Strong roles in Galileo and Copernicus, the permanent Earth monitoring system

20 What are we doing?

21 6 pathways to growth

22 NEW International Partnerships Space Programme open now

23 International Space Partnerships Programme 32M over 2 years Includes funding satellite applications, infrastructure, facilities, data, research, skills and training. Partnerships with emerging economies Support to UK export ambition

24 Key challenges Stable policy to keep business on side and investing in the UK – aim to reach European average investment by 2020 Seizing commercial opportunities in other sectors which are far removed from traditional ‘space’ Importance of space is well understood in emerging economies  leap-frog technology: UK response must be agile and creative With increasingly congested space environment how do we ensure compliance with regulatory obligations?

25 Did I mention?

26 Thank you for listening!

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