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Building a Healthier Madison County Identifying Our Strategic Issues.

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1 Building a Healthier Madison County Identifying Our Strategic Issues

2 Agenda Welcome & Agenda Review Introductions Review of handouts Issues Development (Revised) Brainstorming Group Session Profile Groups Announcements Closing Adjourn

3 Meeting Objectives Continue strategic issue development through brainstorming session Identify strategic issues within context of Vision Review and Approve life stage & healthy place profile templates Assign members to Profile Advisory Groups Discuss roles and responsibilities of Profile Advisory Groups

4 Strategic Issue Development Process February - April Review and Discuss Findings (1/14/09) Brainstorm potential strategic issues Determine why an issue is strategic Determine consequence of not addressing the issue Consolidating overlapping or related issues Arrange issues into an ordered list

5 How we will accomplish this process Group activity - Vision Groups Chair/Recorder for each group –Keep group on time & task –Produce master list of issues Handouts/materials/worksheets Driving questions

6 What is a strategic issue? Fundamental policy choices or critical challenges that must be addressed for a community to achieve its vision. –Usually center around a tension of conflict to be resolved –Might be addressed in many different ways –Must be something that the local PH System can address –Should relate to more than one of the four MAPP assessments.

7 Brainstorming – Group Exercise When developing issues consider : –How they relate to the Vision for a Healthy Madison County –Findings from the 4 assessments –NYSDOH Prevention Agenda Priorities –Write issue in the form of a question

8 Strategic Issue - Example Vision: Includes accessible services for all populations, particularly the most vulnerable. –CT&S: community members face cultural barriers to care –LPHS: assurance of personal health services only partially meets outreach and linkage standards –Health Status: 15% of residents lack health insurance –FOC: state funding cuts have caused health care providers to reduce hours –NYSDOH Priority: Access to Quality Health Care Strategic Issue: How can our community ensure access to personal health care services?

9 Brainstorm Question Which issues suggested by the assessment findings must be addressed in order to achieve the vision?

10 Recording your issues Strategic Issue Relationship Diagram –One for each vision statement –One diagram sheet per issue developed –Record comments from assessments –Recorder collect and create master Parking Lot Worksheet –Additional comments, anecdotal experiences –ID additional information and data needs –Record questions

11 Profile Groups Advise and agree on content and format Assist in identifying relevant literature, data, model frameworks, programs, etc. MCDOH will draft profiles for Advisor Group to edit Work via emails, in person meetings if necessary.

12 Next Steps April 8 th meeting: –Continue strategic issue development –Identify related or overlapping issues –Develop strategic issue Ensure issues are strategic Consolidate issues to list of <12 Determine consequences of not addressing

13 Closing Next Meeting –April 8, 2009 1:00-3:00 pm –Location – TBD Action Items –Secure meeting room –Materials posted on website –Additional information/data needs –Other??

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