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SAISD Federal Programs Department. Stage 1 of the Organization and Development Process Form the Planning Team 1 2.

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1 SAISD Federal Programs Department

2 Stage 1 of the Organization and Development Process Form the Planning Team 1 2

3 Stage 2 of the Organization and Development Process Conduct the CNA 2 3

4 What is the purpose of the Comprehensive Needs Assessment?  To serve as the centerpiece of the planning process and the driving force of the district and campus improvement plans.  To identify the educational strengths and areas of need and reveal the priorities within the areas of focus for the future.  To engage staff and other stakeholders in a data driven process providing direction for the school in the development of the Campus Improvement Plan (CIP) and the justification for use of NCLB and other funds. 4

5 What are the objectives of the CNA?  Clarify the vision for reform.  Create a school profile in order to monitor and assess the impact of programs, instruction, and other resources related to student achievement.  Identify and analyze data sources to ensure that the learning needs of every child are met. 5

6 What should be done before completing the CNA?  Review the purpose and outcomes for conducting the CNA  Establish what is to be accomplished with this process.  Establish CNA committees composed of staff and community members, parents and/or business partners.  Schedule meeting times and invite participants.  Establish the short-and-long-term timelines for completing the CNA. 6

7 Program Evaluation links to CNA 7  The prior year’s Program Evaluation will help guide the completion of the CNA.  Those strategies that were recommended to Continue or Modify (Program Evaluation, Step 8) can be plugged into the CNA for 2015-2016.

8 Where can I find the Comprehensive Needs Assessment? SAISD > Departments > Federal Programs  Click on the Campus tab at the top of the website  Scroll down to STAGE 2: Conduct the Comprehensive Needs Assessment  Click on the CNA Document 8

9 What is the format of the Comprehensive Needs Assessment?  The CNA is an Excel file  There is a tab for each focus area to help identify your needs 9

10 There are 8 Focus Areas to Complete Focus Area 1 – Demographics 2 - Student Achievement 3 - School Culture & Climate 4 - Staff Quality, Recruitment, & Retention 5 - Curriculum & Instruction 6 - Family & Community Involvement 7 - School Context &Organization 8 - Technology 10

11 There are 10 steps to completing each Focus Area 11

12 Who should be involved in completing the Comprehensive Needs Assessment?  A Sub-Committee must be formed in order to complete each Focus Area.  At a minimum, the positions indicated on the list must be represented; other staff/community members are recommended to also participate. 12

13 Should CNA Committee Meetings be documented?  All Meetings should be documented and turned in with your CNA.  Utilize the agenda template provided at the end of the Excel document to record your CNA Committee Meetings. 13

14 What should be done before completing the CNA?  Prior to completing the CNA, please review all appropriate data sources and complete the Data Review Checklist Tab. 14

15 What should be done before completing the CNA?  Prior to beginning the CNA, please complete the Campus Snapshot Tab.  This is a new tab and will help to complete the Executive Summary. 15

16 School-Wide Component 1 in CIP 16  TEA has begun to conduct random validations for campuses throughout Texas. If chosen, the following documents must be submitted:  Campus Improvement Plan (CIP)  Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) Summary  By including the following statement in your CIP, it ensures that your CNA is the first step in your CIP process. As a Title I Schoolwide Program, all documents must include the ten (10) required components. (ESEA Sec.1114(b)(1)(A-J)) (34 CFR 200.25) For compliance purposes, the following Strategy and Activities will be required in all 2015-2016 CIPs.

17 School-Wide Component 1 in CIP 17 2015-2016 CIP FunctionStudent Support Strategy 1A data campus snapshot was used to develop the Campus Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA), which includes the key priorities that populate the annual performance goals in the Campus Improvement Plan. A CNA Executive Summary will be completed to address SW-1. Activity 1Establish sub-committees for each focus area of the CNA. Activity 2Determine which types of data to collect and analyze to develop the campus snapshot. Schoolwide CompComprehensive Needs Assessment (SW1) Formative Evaluation (Process and Product) CNA Executive Summary

18 Steps 1-10 18

19 Step 1: Org # and Campus Name  Enter the Org Number  Enter the Campus Name 19 Note: Once the org number and campus name have been added on the Demographics tab, all other tabs will have the campus number and name.

20 Step 2: Focus Area Description  Reading each Focus Area Description will help guide the completion of the CNA. 20

21 Step 3: Focus Area Guiding Questions  Each Focus Area has a different set of guiding questions to help identify the campus needs for that Focus Area.  The Focus Area Guiding Questions should be answered utilizing pertinent and relevant data sources.  The questions are optional and are located in the Guiding Questions Tab. 21

22 Step 4: Key Priorities  Once the committee agrees on the Key Priorities for this Focus Area, state the expected percentage of increase/improvement opportunity to be identified for each of the Annual Performance Goals (APG) for the CIP.  There can be one or more Key Priorities. 22

23 Step 5: Data Sources Reviewed  Check the data sources/information that were reviewed/analyzed for each Focus Area. Refer to the Data Review Checklist for other data sources. 23

24 Step 6: Academic Needs/Data  List academic needs and cite specific data that determined the academic needs. 24

25 Step 7: Strategies/Activities  Identify and list strategies and activities that will address the academic need(s).  You can have multiple strategies or activities for a single academic need.  List the school-wide component that corresponds to the strategy/activity in parenthesis. 25 Note: Use your prior Program Evaluation to determine what strategies to use based on your recommendations.

26 Step 8: Content Area  Identify the content area for each strategy listed in Step 7.  More than one content area may be listed. 26

27 Step 9: Strengths/Improvement Opportunities  Identify strengths/improvement opportunities within the Focus Area based on measurable data reviewed.  List as a strength the Annual Performance Goal (APG) achieved on prior CIP or the improvement opportunity that will meet the APG in the upcoming CIP. 27

28 Step 10: Budget  Identify the specific funding source by indicating the fund number that will pay for each strategy/activity listed in Step 7.  Identify whether campus or central office department budget/funds will be used for the expenditure. 28

29 Repeat Steps 2-10  Repeat Steps 2-10 for each focus area.  Reminder:  All Campuses must enter the org# and campus name on the Demographics tab so that the org# and campus name will automatically populate on the remaining tabs. 29

30 Steps to submit the completed CNA Submission Instructions 30

31 What should I do before I submit the CNA?  Save the CNA as an Excel Workbook.  Use the following as the file name:  Campus Name 2015-2016 Comprehensive Needs Assessment 31

32 Agenda(s) and Committee Sign-in Sheets  Scan and save all agendas and committee sign-in sheets as PDF files.  Use the following as the file names:  Campus Name 2015-2016 CNA Sub-Committee Agenda  Campus Name 2015-2016 CNA Completion and Review 32

33 How do I submit the Program Evaluation? 33  Email all documents to  CNA  Agenda(s)  Completion and Review(s)  Use the following as the subject of the email:  CNA– Campus Name  Note: The CNA is not complete without the Agenda(s) and Completion and Review sheet(s).

34 Deadline for Submission All documents must be submitted via email by 4:30pm on Friday May 22, 2015 34

35 Please contact the Federal Programs Department with any questions or concerns (210) 554-8320

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