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Xenotransplantation And its effects on the 21 st Century.

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1 Xenotransplantation And its effects on the 21 st Century

2 The Facts: Currently too many risks involved to be performed Number one risk of transplant is spread of infection Processes to limit the chances of infection have been discovered, but are still not 100% successful The transplantation of a tissue or organ from one species to another

3 Benefits: More organs will be available to those in need Organ supply would be almost endless Pigs would be used, which have close related organs, meaning less modifications have to be made Could be easier than making artificial organs

4 Dangers: Many strings of diseases could be passed along, and go unnoticed for years There has not yet been a successful transplant The immune system rejects the foreign organs within hours This rejection can be controlled, however it requires modifications to the immune system, putting the rest of the body in danger

5 Possible effects on the 21 st Century: Shortens time on organ waiting list More people will get the live-saving operations they need Will no longer need to rely so strongly on living donors Transplanting certain tissues from animals could cure Diabetes, Parkinson's Disease, Huntington’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis If problems are solved!

6 In Conclusion: Xenotransplantation has the ability to be a very beneficial process in society today. If scientists can find a way to solve the complications such as rejection and vito diseases the transplanting of animal organs could save many lives. Unfortunately the road to these discoveries is very long, and this process will probably not be used for many years to come

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