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VALENTINE RADFORD Trustees’ Marketing Initiative Update Faculty Senate.

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1 VALENTINE RADFORD Trustees’ Marketing Initiative Update Faculty Senate

2 VALENTINE RADFORD Marketing Initiative Summary Unique partnership: –UMKC faculty, students, and staff; –UMKC Trustees and Kansas City marketing experts donating their services pro bono; and –Stamats marketing professionals, nationally known for their higher education marketing expertise and providing services at reduced rate. Image Campaign as part of the overall communications strategy

3 VALENTINE RADFORD Marketing Initiative Outcomes A standard setting Marketing Plan that complements the UMKC Enrollment Management Plan and ensures the achievement of the enrollment goals. A Marketing Plan that promotes the image of the University so that outstanding faculty and staff “show-up” and are inspired about the possibility of working at UMKC. A Marketing Plan that enhances the image of UMKC in the community, the state and the federal level so that partnerships and resources follow results. A Marketing Plan that is sustainable and reaches goals in the next 3-5 years. A Marketing Plan that complements the UMKC Capital Campaign, creates profitable collaboration and enhances the promotion of the University – a virtual enterprise zone.

4 VALENTINE RADFORD Timeline Oct 2003 – UMKC Trustees develop Marketing Initiative April 2004 – Quantitative Research: surveys to current students, prospective students, faculty and staff, alumni, and community members June 2004 – Qualitative Research: Focus Groups at Bernstein Rein Sept 2004 – Draft Marketing Plan authored by Stamats Oct 2004 – Marketing Implementation Team created; Campus-wide Dialogue Sessions conducted Nov 2004 – Draft Media Plan authored by Bernstein Rein Dec 2004 – Marketing Plan finalized

5 VALENTINE RADFORD Marketing Implementation Team John Allen (Public Relations) Karen Boyd (Center for the City) Jan Brandow (Financial Aid) Craig Compagnone (Creative Services) Curt Crespino (Advancement) Matt Davis (Law) Jennifer DeHaemers (Admissions) Mary Euler (Pharmacy) Andy Goodenow (Web) Judy Haase (Medicine) Judy Jellison (Nursing) Michael Johnson (Creative Services) Colleen Kelly (Graduate Studies) Mary Larson Diaz (Advancement) Jessica Lister (Bloch) Bill Marse (Dentistry) LuAnn Maxwell (Roo Prints) Laurie McCormack (Advancement) Judy McCormick (Arts & Sciences) Terry Mohajir (Athletics) Lori Reesor (Education) Michelle Rice (Creative Services) Dennis Rosa (Multimedia) Nate Shatto (Chancellor’s Office) Jennifer Spielvogel (Institutional Research) Candice Stice (Career Services) Doug Swink (Computing & Engineering) Al Urban (Conservatory) Zauyah Waite (Student Life Office) Terry Ward (Advancement) Jane Wood (Women’s Center)

6 VALENTINE RADFORD 1.Stamats surveyed prospective UMKC students 2.Professor Gene Brown’s graduate marketing class surveyed current students 3.Stamats surveyed alumni, faculty and staff, and community members 4.Bernstein Rein conducted focus groups with prospective students, current undergraduates, current graduates, and faculty and staff Survey Process

7 VALENTINE RADFORD Quantitative Highlights Across all Populations Surveyed: UMKC Strengths Personal attention from faculty and staff Convenience Great Academic Programs Great urban location Wide Range of Academic Programs Successful graduates Good value for cost Diversity

8 VALENTINE RADFORD Quantitative Highlights Across all Populations Surveyed: UMKC Challenges Lack of Campus life / traditional college experience High Cost to Attend Only Recognized Regionally Close to home

9 VALENTINE RADFORD Quantitative Highlights Across all Populations Surveyed: Further Findings UM-Columbia seems to be our primary competitor in Missouri; across the state line we compete with the University of Kansas Prospective students tend to rank UMKC higher than our faculty and staff Of community members with no vested interest in UMKC, 38% would recommend UMKC first to a family member or friend; compared to 71% of UMKC’s community constituents.

10 VALENTINE RADFORD Qualitative Highlights: Focus Groups Four Groups (Prospective Students, Current Undergrads, Current Grads, and Faculty/Staff) Hosted by Bernstein Rein Overall positive feelings about UMKC Importance of authenticity in the image campaign

11 VALENTINE RADFORD Stamats and Bernstein Rein: Initial Analysis of the Research Launch a robust marketing campaign for internal and external audiences that will inform and increase appreciation of quality and communicate our primary strengths: Range and depth of academic offerings Institution-wide focus on students as individuals Location in KC Tradition of producing successful alumni Diversity

12 VALENTINE RADFORD Target Audiences PARENTS INFLUENCERS FACULTY, STAFF, ALUMNI MEDIA TARGET Age 25-54 Teenage House Hold HHI $75k+ Active within the Community

13 VALENTINE RADFORD Baseline Media Plan Cable TV Spots Magazine ads Newspaper ads Kansas City Business Journal Outdoor

14 VALENTINE RADFORD Next Steps Nov 2004 – Communicate your feedback to Implementation Team Dec 2004 – Marketing Plan finalized; Capital Campaign advertised Jan 2005 – Graphic Standards Manual created to reflect image Feb 2005 – Marketing Plan Roll-Out to campus March 2005 – Advertising campaign hits Media

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