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Nlets – The International Justice and Public Safety Information Sharing Network.

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1 Nlets – The International Justice and Public Safety Information Sharing Network

2 What is Nlets NLETS is a sophisticated high- speed message switching system created for and dedicated to the criminal justice community.

3 Non-profit corporation chartered by the States – funded by user fees Members are all 50 states, most federal agencies & territories, and the RCMP Nearly 40 years in operation Links 30,000 agencies and over 600,000 access devices in the U.S. and Canada Topping 77 million transmissions per month Nlets is…

4 77 Million transactions per month! Only way to:  State Criminal Histories  Electronic “HIT” confirmation  Canadian Files (CPIC)  Homeland Alert Messages  Screen Officers Flying Armed  INS databases at LESC – IAQs  Driver records and vehicle registrations  Aircraft Registrations  HAZMAT, GSA Federal registrations, NICB  Push administrative messages to all CJ agencies Facts and Figures

5 NLETS XML Operational Capabilities XML Message Router (XMR) since 2001 All NLETS transactions available in GJXDM 3.0.x format plus full legacy system translation capabilities 750,000 XML rap sheets alone per month  All FBI, WI, KY rapsheets are in XML All NLETS states/agencies have access to XML and web services Georgia first state to implement XML and Web Services for all transactions Other users: US Courts, Perserec, Puerto Rico

6 Within a secured network, NLETS exposes a web service to which users connect and send XML as a string States wishing to receive a response via web services host own service for NLETS to connect to  NLETS specifies name and fingerprint of service, how data is handled is up to state Web Services

7 Validates user Transforms XML to Text XML Message Text Message XMR Determines Destination & Format Validates XML XML Message Text Message Text within CDATA XML Message

8 Building Capabilities Web Services/Applications box Allows Nlets greater flexibility in providing more services  Coast Guard  FAA  FMCSA  Parsing, etc

9 Example of New Service Implementation Nlets NOC Internet SEASKATE Web Page Request … … Nlets Coast Guard Query

10 Nlets XML and Web Services Projects Message Key Standardization & Implementation  Ongoing Rapsheet 3.0  Released 2005, Implementation Ongoing CANDLE  Launched 2006, Implementation Ongoing Coast Guard  Completed Operation Respond  Phase 1 & 2 Completed  Phase 3 In Progress Insurenet  In Progress ChoicePoint  In Progress FMCSA CDLIS  In Progress Interpol  In Progress Boat Response  In Progress  NIEM State Warrants  In Progress

11 CANDLE Collaboration between AAMVA and Nlets for Driver’s License Exchange Driver License  Version 1.0.5 Vehicle Registration  Version 1.0.3 Will be discussed in next session

12 Images Currently Base64 Web Services Attachments, MTOM, etc SRFERS Initiative  To be discussed tomorrow

13 State Warrants Pilot with WA and UC Standardizing Responses  Leveraging NCIC Specifications – GJXDM 3.0.3

14 Boat Registration Responses NIEM Pilot – NIEM 1.0beta1 Standardized GJXDM Coast Guard Response existed because of web scrape functionality  IN expressed desire to send state Boat Registration Responses in standardized format  New format must account for unreliable web scraped data as well as state requirements Working with XSTF, NBAC, GTRI to report bugs, improve model Will leverage web services box, specialized stylesheets to continue support for IN

15 Boat Registration GJXDM  3 GJXDM Schemas  jxdm, ncic_2000, proxy  1 GJXDM namespace  All relationships are inline NIEM  7 NIEM Schemas  appInfo, common, justice, ncic_2000, proxy, structures, universal  3 NIEM namespaces  VehicleEngine as association  1 additional type extension

16 Boat Registration – NIEM Instance 3.14 String 1967-08-13 String String 2001 String token

17 Boat Registration – GJXDM Instance String String 2001 3.14 String 1967-08-13 - 0 String

18 Boat Registration NIEM Technical Issues Encountered  Multiple inheritance across Universal and Common schemas

19 Lessons Learned – XML Standardization Most difficult aspect – working without SME Stake in sand, can’t change specs on people Any changes have to be optional Users are slow to implement, need to be able to do things slowly and in pieces Implementation limited by “lowest common denominator”

20 Lessons Learned - GJXDM Leverage IEPDs  Publish components in similar manner to IEPD Flexibility is a double edged sword  Type substitution/cascading extension, multiple elements for same thing Ambiguous data impossible to standardize  Names – Person or Organization?

21 Nlets Plan Not rewriting specifications across the board Use of new standards (ie NIEM) as Nlets community can benefit Active participating in review and pilots to assist community Support all relevant IEPDs Web Services – Work with FBI to align with solid web services specification  Leverage WS-Security, ReliableMessaging, etc

22 Contact Me Kate Silhol Nlets Senior Software Engineer (602) 224-0744

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