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National Database Templates for the Biosafety Clearing-House Application (NDT-nBCH) Overview of the US nBCH Applications.

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1 National Database Templates for the Biosafety Clearing-House Application (NDT-nBCH) Overview of the US nBCH Applications

2 Discussion Topics Introduction Development Goals and History About the Templates Hardware and Software requirements (Steps in Developing a National BCH) Discussion of Help Available

3 Introduction Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Developed a Simple National Biosafety Clearing- House Application (nBCH) Enter and retain Protocol information locally Internet access not required to use the template National Biological Information Infrastructure Developed National Database and Website Templates Leveraged experience from US Site development Leveraged work accomplished by the Secretariat

4 Development Goals Increase functionality of the CBD Simple Database product based on the US experience Maintain compatibility with original CBD to ensure proper data transfer process Work with CBD and UNEP for review of compliance Create Exhaustive User Documentation Add Website templates for a assistance in developing a national website Add Multilingual support to both database and website templates

5 Development History Analyzed the flow of information during the U. S. Biosafety Regulation Process Applied new data model to the CBDs BCH Simple National Database tool Reorganized and reconstructed data entry forms to follow flow of data entry process

6 The Templates: Target Users Target Users of the templates are Organizations that Are in the technology startup process Have with limited technical resources Use Microsoft platform for desktop and/or web server Range within the full spectrum of Internet connectivity options No Internet Slow, unreliable, or costly Internet Fast and reliable Internet

7 The Templates: Goals Goal of the templates? Fast: Provides a Quick Start basis for initial development Easy: Can be used in the initial data gathering phase prior to reporting data Scalable: it should be able to be moved to a server platform if needed NOT the goal of the templates? This is not a Production ready system Will need assistance by an organizations system administration and network security to go into Production

8 The Templates: Features Will run locally (no Internet) or will connect to BCH (internet access required) No changes have been made to the CBD data transfer software Streamlined for less repetitive data entry Extensive Help documentation Help within the Fields and forms Documentation on Installation and set-up Includes a Full-Users Guide Optional Web Templates: Templates are fully customizable Templates contain searching of database template content Contain additional web content such as FAQs, Roles of the CNAs, and Overview of the National BCH

9 The Templates On top Design Original CBD tables and data element formats retained New functionality added on top of original design

10 The Templates: Design Comparisons

11 Hardware & Software Simple installation of Database Minimum configuration Personal computer Windows XP, Win2000, ME, or Win98 Web browser software (for using help files and user documentatoin) Method of writing data to electronic media, or printing for facsimile transmission, or access to email Full Installation of Database Minimum configuration (above) Basic Internet connection (Dial up) or Sustained Internet connection (Network) Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) client for connectivity with BCH (Installation instructions include in documentation)

12 Hardware & Software Installation of Website templates of Database Full Installation of database requirements, plus Web Server running Microsoft IIS HTML Editor to modify templates

13 (Steps in Developing a National BCH) Phases of Technology Implementation Phase I Data gathering Use Database template: Install of database templates Send data directly to Secretariat or register data directly in the Management Center (based on capabilities) Phase II Work with Information Technology (IT) Department Analyze system requirements for type of Interoperability (Push or Pull ) Become Fully Interoperable Phase III Work with CNAs, NFP and and IT departments Refine Web Content Create National website presence of BCH for public information I II III Phase

14 Help Available? Bug Fixes and new versions Latest downloads available from US Site Multi-lingual version in beta testing now, production by August Email Support Email is advertised on all documentation Phone Support Phone support to UNEP Regional experts by US development team UNEP Regional Experts responsible for country level phone support.

15 Help Available? Regional Workshop Support Participate in all UNEP Regional Workshops aimed at training technical experts in the use of the templates Country Level Support Funding to attend a limited number of Country-Level Workshops to provide hands on technical support

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