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Getting Started Product Description Setting Parameters How does it work Wiring Diagram.

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2 Getting Started Product Description Setting Parameters How does it work Wiring Diagram

3 Getting Started The system ‘Stop Leak’ is the result of the latest technology of water leak detectors in both residential and commercial applications. The ease of use and fast action in case of leaks makes the ‘Stop Leak’ the ideal solution for the detection of leaks in the hydraulic circuit. Stop Leak also comes into operation before the leaks can create serious injury. Avoiding waste and flooding, it also optimises the use of water resources, thus has a major role in conservation.

4 Product Description ‘Stop Leak’ consists in 3 blocks: A - Isolation Valve Block B - Water detector block with flow Sensor C - Electronic Controller A B C

5 Product Description A - Isolation Valve Block Consists of an isolation valve and electric actuator with position signal output. A B B - Water detector block with flow Sensor Consists of a water leak detector sensor with its brass body

6 Product Description C C - Electronic Controller Consists of two electronic boards: a IP68 wiring box with a preassembled sensor electronic board used to wire the sensor, actuator and the remote controller a remote controller to wire with power supply, pre-assembled sensor electronic board ; is used to set, check and display Stop Leak status

7 Setting parameters S1 equivalent to a flow of 1 l/h TS1 = 30 min S2 = 99 TS2 = 99 min Simultaneously pressing ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons for 2 seconds the operating parameters programming can be activated. Once activated the use of the same buttons allows modifying the operating parameters. ‘P’ key button must be used to change from one parameter to each other: final pressing of ‘P’ button stores all modified parameters.

8 How does it work Once powered the remote controller shows: rxx, release software xx (i.e. r11) of remote display for 1 second r.xx, release software xx (i.e. r.11) of sensor board for 1 second A red (or green) dot is shown: Slow sliding across the 3 digits, shows a flow higher to S1 threshold and lower to S2 threshold Fast sliding across the 3 digits shows a flow higher to S2 threshold

9 How does it work Heart of Stop Leak system is the union of the extremely precise detector sensor and the patented sensor brass body where a dedicated internal flow geometry has been designed in order to achieve the very low flow detection capacity, which is a unique feature in the market of water detector systems.

10 How does it work Water, flowing from the net enters to the sensor body which is mounted downstream the motorized shut-off valve and the water meter. Flow sensor is constantly powered (in the order of mWatt) by the control unit which monitors any variances of this energy. The working principle of Stop Leak is on the ability to manage a signal related to the amount of water flows into the sensor body where the sensor is in contact to. WATER METER

11 How does it work Water, flowing from the net enters to the sensor body as indicated in the picture. A dedicated check valve (1) is designed in order to exerts the required hydraulic resistance enough to enable water to flow within the upper channel (2) made into the sensor body. The water, came into the channel flows across the sensor cooling it. It results in a signal which is elaborated by the electronic board and referred to the detected flow. Is possible to detect flow in the order of 0,2 l/h equivalent to a drip. 4

12 How does it work The remote controller gives the possibility to check, set and display the operating status of Stop Leak. Through this interface is possible to set operating parameters: flow thresholds (S1,S2) and detection time (tS1 and tS2). Factory set as tS1 = 30 min of detection time and S1 equivalent to 1 l/h.

13 How does it work If for a time greater than TS1 remains a flow greater than S1, the alarm output is activated and a command shut down the motorized valve; on the remote controller display the text "A01" is shown. With the factory set parameters is simulated what may be a loss due to a drip. Any normal water usage, certainly greater than S1 and for a time certainly less than TS1 is considered as a loss only if it remains constant for a time longer than TS1. If even for a moment the measured flow drops below the threshold, the corresponding timer is reset and reloaded.

14 How does it work This allows to do not take into account those who are regular uses of the water supply (shower, washbasin, wash-machine etc...). Any alarm state is stored inside the sensor card and the possible supply failures does not reset the status of the alarm. The only way to reset the alarm, is to press the "P" key

15 Wiring diagram


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