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Joe Clough Devin Noyes Alec Bornemann *look for notes in bottom box.

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1 Joe Clough Devin Noyes Alec Bornemann *look for notes in bottom box

2 Apple trees need fertilizer. The best way our client has to spread fertilizer now is to use manpower with a casting system. This system is very inefficient and time consuming.

3 The most efficient way to fertilize a tree with the least amount of fertilizer is to spread it along the drip line of the tree. We used an automated device to spread fertilizer along the drip line based upon the average circumference of an apple tree.

4 Motor Control 1. Find tree trunk 2. Center itself on trunk 3. Back up to drip line 4. Tree radius: 6ft 5. Circle tree 6. Do a complete circle then exit



7 while(MIDDLE_BUTTON_GetVal()) { //Testing Middle Pushbutton if(LEFT_BUTTON_GetVal()==0){//Left Button is Pushed Right_SetDutyUS(FORWARD); //Turning Left (towards Tree) Left_SetDutyUS(REVERSE); Left_SetDutyUS(FORWARD); //Moving Forward if(RIGHT_BUTTON_GetVal()==0){//Right Button is pushed Left_SetDutyUS(FORWARD); //Turning Right (towards Tree) Right_SetDutyUS(REVERSE);



10 Design 1 Hopper w/ auger and spinning wheel casting system Hopper w/ built in waterwheel casting system Design 2 *our design


12 Hopper Battery Hopper Controller HCSO8 Scorpion XL Right Arm Left Arm

13 Electrical Components Mechanical Components Total Scorpion XL$119Arms (5 lbs)$.81/lb HCSO8n/aHopper (2 lbs)$.81/lb Motors (3)$291Wheel (3 lbs)$.81/lb Hopper Controller n/a Total$410$8.09$418.09

14 Week 1Week 2Week 3Week 4Week 5Week 6Week 7 Design and organization Initial Design Code Writing CAD Model Fabrication Testing

15 Solar Panels and voltage sensor (battery charger) Light Sensor Turf Tires for better traction in actual apple orchard Lighter weight arm sensors

16 Alec : CAD Design of Trunk Sensors, Code Joe:Presentation, Code, Project Manager Devin: CAD Design of Distribution, Code Team Effort: Preliminary Design, Fabrication, Testing, Problem Solving

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