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Building Better Websites Jean-Luc David Developer Advisor Microsoft Canada

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2 Building Better Websites Jean-Luc David Developer Advisor Microsoft Canada

3 Some common questions from developers like you…

4 What are the best practices for security, data access, …?

5 How do I improve the functionality of my website using services?

6 How do I increase the performance of my website?

7 How can I better troubleshoot and debug my website?

8 Patterns & Best Practices

9 Webcast Series for Aspiring Architects Architecture 101 Software Development Lifecycle & Methodologies Service Orientation and other Architectural Approaches Transitioning to an Architect Role

10 What's the best way to implement Security, Data Management, Performance, …?

11 Enterprise Library Application Blocks Caching Caching Cryptography Cryptography Data Access Data Access Exception Handling Exception Handling Logging Logging Policy Injection Policy Injection Security Security Validation Validation

12 Data Access Application Block

13 demo Creating a Data Driven Webpage Using Application Blocks

14 Integrating Services Together

15 How do I consolidate all of my services? ASP.NET Authentication ASP.NET Personalization ASP.NET Web Service External Web Service External Authentication External Personalization

16 How do I avoid "Password Fatigue"?

17 Web Authentication SDK

18 demo Integrating External Services on your Website

19 Performance

20 How many seconds will your users wait for a website page to load?

21 Example:

22 Performance Tuning Your Website PostBacks Redirects ViewState Caching Session State

23 Finding performance problems When do you test? When do you test? Types of tests Types of tests Load Testing Load Testing Stress Testing Stress Testing Capacity Testing Capacity Testing

24 Web Application Stress Tool

25 demo Performance Tools & Techniques

26 Debugging & Troubleshooting

27 How do I gain visibility to errors on the server side?

28 How do I troubleshoot browser crashes and memory leaks?

29 DebugView

30 Drip Leak Detector

31 demo Debugging & Troubleshooting

32 What we covered so far… Developing Web Applications Today Developing Web Applications Today Security Security Usability Usability Interactivity Interactivity JavaScript Debugging JavaScript Debugging Building Better Websites Building Better Websites Patterns and Best Practices Patterns and Best Practices Service Integration Service Integration Performance Tuning Performance Tuning Debugging & Troubleshooting Debugging & Troubleshooting

33 The Continuing Journey

34 How can we help you manage change? Visual Studio 2008.NET Framework 3.5 Silverlight LINQ ADO.NET Entity Framework ASP.NET AJAX SQL Server 2008


36 Resources

37 thank you!

38 questions?

39 © 2007-2008 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. This presentation is for informational purposes only. Microsoft makes no warranties, express or implied, in this summary.

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