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‘Critically assess the pluralist view of the mass media’ (33 marks)

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1 ‘Critically assess the pluralist view of the mass media’ (33 marks)
Homework reminder ‘Critically assess the pluralist view of the mass media’ (33 marks) Due Monday March 21st

2 Hypodermic syringe & 2 fold models
What can you remember from yesterday’s lesson. 5 minutes - In groups create a mind map on one of the models you looked at yesterday 5 minutes- Now read through the mind map you are given and add anything the previous group missed

3 Cultural effects model
BACK GROUND READING Page Cultural effects model

4 Cultural effects model ( reception analysis model)
Like the Hypodermic syringe & 2 fold models sees the media as very powerful, but recognises the audience as being very diverse. People have different backgrounds and experiences and this means that they interpret what they read, see and hear in different ways (depending on factors such as their class, gender and ethnicity.

5 Cultural effects model
However, those who produce the media expect the audience to respond to their work in a particular way. This anticipated response is known as preferred (or dominant) reading. Those who lack direct experience of the issue presented in the media (in many cases, the majority of the audience) are likely to accept this preferred reading.

6 Your turn In pairs discuss which of the words in the following piece of text you would highlight in red Be ready to feedback in five minutes

7 Cultural effects model – Marxist version
In the Marxist version of this model, the ruling class ideology continually bombards audiences from every direction. In the end, most people end up believing that ruling class ideas are right. They agree to the dominance of the powerful without even realising it. Rather than having an immediate and direct effect (like the hypodermic model), this model suggests that there is a slow, ‘drip-drip’ process taking place over a long period of time.

8 Text into Pictures - S/W’s
In pairs using only pictures and 5 key words of your choice summarise the text onto your flip chart paper You will need to use your picture to explain them to someone else Mix groups and using your pictures explain the strengths/weaknesses to your new partner Return to your original partner and explain what you have learnt

9 S/W’s of the cultural effects model
Now write it down using the pictures to help you remember

10 Key sociologist summary
Use your text books pages to complete the grid summarising the key sociologist and studies Add in any other studies relating to the other models you have studied so far HOMEWORK – complete your grid with at least 6 key sociologists/studies – DUE FRIDAY

11 Key word link What key terms can you give from today’s lesson
Make connections between all the terms, anything is correct as long as you can justify it

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