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Homemade Sushi Demystified Making Sushi at Home A Quick Guide by Erin Evans.

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1 Homemade Sushi Demystified Making Sushi at Home A Quick Guide by Erin Evans

2 Navigation Welcome to the Navigation Page! Here you can choose which section you want to visit and learn about!

3 Choosing Fresh Fish Make sure you always buy SUSHI GRADE fish form a reputable fish seller. Choose fish that is bright in color and soft to the touch (if you can touch it) Uncooked shrimp should be gray in color until cooked. Blood spots can contain parasites or. If you can, avoid purchasing fish with these. Sometimes this isn’t an option, so you just want to make sure to cut off these spots. (These are only a problem when eating raw fish. When cooking, the possible parasites will be cooked out.)

4 Cutting Fish For Sushi Use an 8-10 inch very sharp knife Work against the grain of the fish Hold the knife at a 45 degree angle Use one smooth cut, Slice the fish into rectangular blocks ¼ inch thick for maki. Slice the fish into rectangular blocks ¼ inch thick and then dice for onigiri or gunken maki sushi. Knife Position 45

5 Making Sushi Rice Not having the proper rice can mean your sushi tastes less appetizing or in the worst case, just falls apart completely. A short-grain rice is used to make sushi, usually referred to as shari in Japan, it is starchy and can be purchased at Asian markets or some grocery stores.

6 Making Sushi Rice Cont. 2mins - Wash the rice in a strainer for 2 minutes or until the water runs clear. The ratio of water to rice is 1 : 1, so make sure the proportions are equal. 4-6mins - Cook the rice on High heat until it boils, stirring every minute. 6-15mins - Stop stirring, lower the temperature to a simmer, put a lid on the pot, and wait 10 minutes. *If you have a gas range, you will need to add ½ cup extra water, simmer the rice for several more minutes, and stir it every couple of minutes.

7 Making Sushi Rice Cont. Remove the rice from the pot with a wooden or plastic spoon. Don’t scrape the bottom of the pot. If the rice is dry and burnt on the bottom, leave it. Let the rice cool, fluffing every once in a while so that it cools evenly. For every 3cups of rice, add: ½ cup Rice Wine Vinegar 2 Tbsp. Sugar 2 Tsp. Salt Your rice is ready to use!

8 How to begin 1.Cover your rolling mat with plastic wrap in order to protect it and make it easier to retrieve the roll. 2.Take a sheet of nori and break it gently in half across the short width. 1 2

9 Applying Sushi Rice to Rolls 12 34 1.Your half sheet should lay on the plastic wrapped rolling mat. 2.Place a hand full of sushi rice on one side of the nori. 3.Spread the rice into a cylinder shape that covers the length of the sheet. 4.Gently press the rice into the corners, ensuring that the sheet is covered by the rice. Make sure to leave a slight gap on the top and bottom sides.

10 Adding Ingredients Ingredients need to be cut into strips in order to lay properly in the roll. Sauces may be mixed with a chopped ingredient or spooned into the roll directly. Be careful not to overload the roll or you will not be able to close it. Ingredients should not be more than 1” in width.

11 Rolling Traditional Sushi 1.Lift up the edge of the sushi rolling mat closest to you with your thumbs and hold the ingredients with your fingertips. 2.Roll the mat over, remove your fingertips, and enclose the ingredients and make a roll. 3.The edges of the nori should meet at this time. Pull the roll tightly back towards yourself. 4.When you have the ingredients enclosed, roll the roll over the remaining strip of nori. 5.Remove the rolling mat and cut. 123 54

12 Cutting your sushi roll Wet your knife Cut your roll in half with one fluid motion. (Do not saw.) Set your sushi rolls side by side and cut in half again. Repeat until you have 8 pieces.

13 Onigiri Everyone loves a good rice ball, whether seasoned or with a little secret inside! Here’s a guide on how to roll the ball right!

14 Onigiri Cont. 1. Spoon some sticky rice into your palm, and flatten it until it condenses. 2. If using a center ingredient, place it into the center of the rice. 3. Fold the rice over to enclose the ingredient. 4. Gently push the edges of the rice into corner to form a triangle. 12 34

15 Onigiri Cont. 1. Fill a metal cookie cutter part way with rice. Set your ingredients into the center. 3. Pick up the cutter and the rice will slide out of the form. 12 34

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