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Sushi making.

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1 Sushi making

2 Ingredients (4 big sushi rolls)
Japanese rice Water Rice wine vinegar Sugar Salt Tin of tuna Mayonnaise Red pepper Black sea weed 180cc x 2 180cc x cc (about 20 % of rice) 50 ml 1.5 table spoons 1 tea spoon 1 As you like 4 sheets

3 Let’s make sushi rice first!
Wash rice and leave it for 30 minutes Cook rice Mix rice vinegar, sugar & salt well When the rice is cooked, leave it for 10 to 15 minutes. Pour over the vinegar mix on to the rice while it is hot. Mix them gently

4 Sushi making Collect the ingredients
Start with the seaweed sheet known as Nori

5 Sushi making Place the Nori on the bamboo mat smooth side down.
See in the picture, the cooked sushi rice that has been mixed with sugar, sushi vinegar and salt.


7 Sushi making Place the cold sushi rice on the seaweed sheet.
Keep rinsing your fingertips in cold water to prevent the rice sticking to them. Spread the rice until it covers ¾ of the seaweed.

8 Sushi making Cut the cucumber into long strips without seeds.
Place in the middle of the rice. Cover the cucumber with the tuna, mayo & sweetcorn.

9 Sushi making Lift the nearest edge of the bamboo mat and fold the seaweed sheet so that the edges of the rice meet. There will be some seaweed sheet showing beyond the roll.

10 Sushi making Squeeze the roll to tighten it.

11 Sushi making Peel back the bamboo mat to reveal the sushi roll.
Use the bamboo mat to finish rolling the seaweed around the rice.

12 Sushi making Squeeze the sushi roll using the bamboo mat.
Making a tight roll will give neat sushi slices.

13 Sushi making Using a large sharp knife.
Carefully cut the sushi into 8 even slices.

14 Sushi making Serve on a pretty Japanese-style serving tray.
Soy sauce and Wasabi paste add to the flavour. Don’t forget the chopsticks. Enjoy!

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