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Top Medical Titles for Medical Libraries Kiev October, 2008 Presented by Dr László Horváth Sales Representative.

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1 Top Medical Titles for Medical Libraries Kiev October, 2008 Presented by Dr László Horváth Sales Representative

2 2 Core Areas of Springer Strength Critical Care Medicine Colon & Rectal Surgery Emergency Medicine Medical Oncology Medical Genetics Nuclear Medicine Orthopedic Surgery Pathology Neuroscience Radiology Surgery Dermatology Cardiology Hematology Rheumatology Ophthalmology Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Sports Medicine (Family Practice)‏ Urology

3 3 Encyclopedia of Neuroscience Binder, M.D.; Hirokawa, N.; Windhorst, U.; Hirsch, M.C. (Eds.) Version: print (book)2008, Approx. 5000 p. 1000 illus. in color. In 5 volumes, not available separately., Hardcover ISBN: 978-3-540-23735-8, 1.999,00 € Due: August 15, 2008 Prepublication price valid until November 30, 2008 1.600,00 € You save 399,00 € About this book Comprehensive: includes more than 10,000 entries with keynotes, in-depth essays and reviews on 43 topic fields Visually sumptuous with some 1000 full-color illustrations Intelligently structured, accessible and user-friendly: A-Z format, clear, concise language and uniform essay structure provides easy access to content for both experts and newcomers Utterly authoritative, with more than 1,000 expert contributors, under the guidance of more than 40 field editors

4 4 Encyclopedia of Parasitology With contributions by numerous experts Mehlhorn, Heinz (Ed.) Version: print (book) 3rd ed., 2008, XIX, 1573 p. 900 illus., Hardcover ISBN: 978-3-540-48994-8, 699,00 € About this book About 30% more entries, comprising in depth essays and definitions More tables and high quality figures Covering all areas of veterinarian and human parasitology in alphabetical order Clearly structured essays with extensive cross-references between definitions and related articles Easy to use – information can easily be retrieved

5 5 Encyclopedia of Molecular Pharmacology Offermanns, Stefan; Rosenthal, Walter (Eds.) Version: print (book)2nd. ed., 2008, Approx. 1600 p. 350 illus. in color. In 2 volumes, not available separately., Hardcover ISBN: 978-3-540-38916-3, 699,00 € Due: July 2, 2008 Prepublication price valid until September 30, 2008 559,00 € You save 140,00 € About this book Easy to use: A-Z format provides easy access to relevant information in the form of standardized entries Extensive: comprehensive list of drugs as well as tables listing proteins of particular interest in the appendix Outstanding: contributions by more than 350 leading authorities Updated: content has been fully revised and updated, with a number of new essays Convenient: available both in print and as a fully searchable and hyperlinked electronic online edition

6 6 Encyclopedia of Genetics, Genomics, Proteomics, and Informatics Volume 1: A - L Volume 2: M – Z Rédei, George P. Version: print (book)Originally published by Wiley-Liss, 20033rd ed., 2008, XVI, 2202 p. 1914 illus. In 2 volumes, not available separately., Hardcover, ISBN: 978-1-4020-6753-2, 799,00 € Prepublication price valid until July 31, 2008 639,00 € You save 160,00 € About this book The best existing resource on the subject Explains the principles not just defines them, and is free of laboratory jargon Does not duplicate information available on the Internet but facilitates the use of Internet information because it integrates diverse concepts More comprehensive tan any other book on the market Copiously illustrated in four-color

7 7 Encyclopedia of Cancer Schwab, Manfred (Ed.) Version: print (book)2nd ed., 2008, Approx. 3650 p. 800 illus. in color. In 4 volumes, not available separately., Hardcover ISBN: 978-3-540-36847-2, 1.599,00 € Due: August 27, 2008 Prepublication price valid until August 31, 2008 1.279,00 € You save 320,00 € About this book Easy to use: A-Z format provides easy access to relevant information in the form of standardized entries Comprehensive: Over 7,000 entries, both keywords and detailed essays Outstanding: Contributions by more than 1,000 leading authorities, 4 volumes, 4,000 pages, 800 images Complete: Includes information of all biomolecules, types of cancer, pathways and therapies of great importance in the field Extended: Includes information on the most important drugs in cancer in the world and its clinical implications

8 8 Handbook of Pancreatic Cancer Neoptolemos, J.P.; Urrutia, R.; Abbruzzese, J.; Büchler, M.W. (Eds.) Version: print (book)2009, 148 illus., 24 in color., Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-387-77497-8, 399,00 € Due: July 2009 About this book The basic scientists will write each submission as if it were for a Nature Review Each clinical author will approached their submission as if it were a systematic review with due diligence given to meta-analysis The book will be balanced, with 50% basic research and 50% clinical.

9 9 Drug Discovery and Evaluation Safety and Pharmacokinetic Assays Vogel, H.G.; Hock, F.J.; Maas, J.; Mayer, D. (Eds.) Version: print (book)2006, XXXI, 889 p. 131 illus., Hardcover ISBN: 978-3-540-25638-0, 299,00 € Written for: Pharmacologists, toxicologists, pharmaceutical industry, pharmacists, government institutions working on safety guidelines Keywords: Drug Discovery, Safety Assays

10 10 Encyclopedia of Diagnostic Imaging Baert, Albert L. (Ed.) Version: print (book)2008, XXVIII, 1966 p. 1334 illus. In 2 volumes, not available separately., Hardcover ISBN: 978-3-540-35278-5, 699,00 € About this book The simple A to Z format provides easy access to relevant information in the field of imaging 15 sections consisting of 529 fully structured essays and 2,147 short definitions; more than 3,550 entries Extensive cross references between keywords and related articles enable efficient searches in a user-friendly manner Fully searchable and hyperlinked electronic online edition: eReference Save money - take both: print + eReference 3-540-35860-2

11 11 General Surgery Principles and International Practice Bland, K.I.; Büchler, M.W.; Csendes, A.; Garden, O.J.; Sarr, M.G.; Wong, J. (Eds.) Version: print (book)Originally published by WB Saunders, UK, 20022nd ed., 2009, Approx. 1200 p. 870 illus., 227 in color. In 1 volumes, not available separately., Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-84628-832-6, 199,95 € Due: November 2008 About this book Offers an ideal source to rapidly evaluate organ site-disease Presents both pearls and pitfalls to differentiate poignant specified applications for treatment of surgical disease (Pearls) and emphasize failures (Pitfalls) when such diagnostic approaches, technique and therapy are not utilized Provides comprehensive insight into selective management of high-risk and rare diseases

12 12 Spinal Disorders Fundamentals of Diagnosis and Treatment Boos, Norbert; Aebi, Max (Eds.) 2008, XXXIII, 1166 p. 1740 illus., 450 in color., Hardcover ISBN: 978-3-540-40511-5, 299,00 € About this book Core messages and marginal notes highlight the most important teaching objectives and guide the reader through the chapters Introductory cases introduce the topic by reports of typical cases representative of the specific pathology Case studies aim to mediate fundamentals and basic principles of a chapter and enhance recollection by case study learning Recapitulations summarise the essential teaching objectives and provide a quick overview for the busy reader

13 13 Encyclopedia of Aging and Public Health Loue, Sana; Sajatovic, Martha (Eds.) Version: print (book)2008, XXIII, 843 p. 10 illus., Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-387-33753-1, 219,00 € About this book Adopts a biopsychosocial approach to the topics covered in the chapters and the entries Chapters and entries will be written at a level that is accessible to professionals and to the lay public with an interest in these issues Each entry will include suggested readings and suggested resources

14 14 Pediatric Nephrology Avner, E.D.; Harmon, W.E.; Niaudet, P.; Yoshikawa, N. (Eds.) Version: print (book)Original published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins6th ed., 2009, 1800 p. 600 illus., 50 in color. In 2 volumes, not available separately., Hardcover ISBN: 978-3-540-76327-7, 249,00 € Due: April 2009 About this book Now in its 6th edition, Pediatric Nephrology has become THE standard medical reference textbook in the field. This standard textbook with its well-structured and reader-friendly text covers all clinically relevant aspects on pediatric congenital and acquired kidney diseases With up-to-date treatment guidelines based on newest research findings. With extensive clinical algorithms to improve the understanding of kidney disease and to apply the most appropriate treatment Edited and written by international and renowned experts in the field – with a global perspective. Each chapter of the new edition has not only been completely rewritten and updated but includes approximately 40% of entirely new material

15 15 Springer Reference Sales Model Pricing Pricing e-only:e-only price = list price print edition (e-only ISBN available) Pricing print + online:p+e price = p-only price + 25% (package ISBN available)  Pre-publication prices: available for print, e-only, and print+e

16 16 Facts about eReference Individual titles available from Springer Included in eBook packages HTML and PDF Updating is possible Extensive hyperlinking within Springer eReference Library

17 17 Springer Reference Sales Model Access & Usage ‘Ownership’ model: a library buys and ‘owns’ an e-version of a Springer Reference. No annual subscription fee! Access through SpringerLink or local hosting: concurrent access through SpringerLink or local hosting of data. Perpetual access to purchased edition: – perpetual access to the most recent update of the purchased edition. – no access to subsequent editions unless purchased. HTML and PDF: all content available in both HTML and pdf Access control: – for libraries and corporate customers by customer IP range. MARC records available

18 18 THANK YOU Heidelberg with Venus April 15 2007

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