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Ministry of Health Kingdom of Cambodia Nation Religion King Cambodia Health Profile.

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1 Ministry of Health Kingdom of Cambodia Nation Religion King Cambodia Health Profile


3 1. National Flag and history:

4 Cambodian Flag Meaning: The blue color symbolizes the country's royalty. The red represents the nation and the white represents the religion, beginning with Brahmanism, and the current major religion - Buddhism. The emblem of the temple represents the structure of the universe.

5 History Cambodia gained complete independent from France 1954 ( under the leadership of Prince Norodom Sihanouk) -Military coup led by General Lon Nol 1970 (overthrew Prince Sihanouk) -Khmer Rouge overthrow Lon Nol and control the country1975 (This is the radical and genocidal regime, nearly 3 millions people died -Revolution army of the National Front for Solidarity and Liberation of Cambodia defeated Khmer Rouge 1979 (The country call the People Republic of Kampuchea, later the State of Cambodia) -Free elections and supervised by UNTAC 1993 (The country call Kingdom of Cambodia)

6 2. Location:

7 3-Geodemographiy: Cambodia is an agricultural country Located in South eat Asia Total land area: 181.035 sq Km Population ( 2006 ) 14.197.000 Cambodia has border with:Thailand,Lao and Viet Nam Climate: Monsoon, dry and wet Two seasons : Rainy and dry seasons Annual average temperature: 27 degree C

8 4-Basic National Health Indicators and Statistics Population distributed by ages group: 0-4 years 12.8 % 5-14 years 30 % 15-64 years53.7% Over 64 years3.5% The population density 74 per square Km The population in Phnom Penh1,044000 Sex Ratio male to female93.5

9 Population in rural areas (2004):85.00 % Population in urban areas (2004):15.00 % Total families2.188.663 Average size of family 5.1 Annual population growth rate,20041.81 % Employment by sectors(2000): Agriculture 73.7 % Industry 8.4 % Services 17.9 % Gross Domestic Product (GDP),2005339USD GDP annual growth rate 1990-20005%

10 Share of GDP by sectors: Agriculture 37.6 % Industry23.5 % Services35 % Fertility rate(2005)3.4 Prevalence of HIV/AIDS (2002)2.6 % People living with HIV/AIDS (2002)157,500 AIDS orphans below 15 years30,000

11 Primary enrolment,1998 ( 6-11years)78% Secondary enrolment,1998 ( 12-17years)14 % Adult literacy rate age 15 and over, 73.6 % Infant mortality rate(2005)66 per 1000 live births Maternal mortality rate 472 per 100.000 live births Life expectancy,1998 M = 54 years, F=58 years

12 Underweight children < 5 (1998)40 % Access to safe drinking water ( 1998 )29 % Population under the poverty line 1997 & 99 36 % Persons per doctor (1998)6808 Persons per health worker,1998598

13 Organizational Structure of the Ministry of Health Director General for Health Director General for Administration & Finance Secretary, Adviser Minister Depart. of planning,informat Director General for Inspection Depart. of Administra tion Secretary of States Sub-Secretary of States Depart. of health prevention Depart. of Hospital Depart. of HRD Depart. of Personnel Depart. of Finance &Budgeting PHD/MHD Depart. of Drugs,foods &Medi.Supplies Depart. of Control infectious Diseases University Health Scie National Hospital National Program NIPH,Region.Nur.Scho

14 Organizational Structure of the Provincial Health Department Director of PHD Vice Director Pharmacy and food safety Technical Bureau: MCH, Disease Control, Health promotion Operational Districts: Referral Hospital &Health Centers Office of accounts and Finance Office of Administration, planning and statistics, maintainence,personnel. Components of the technical bureau: Maternal & Child Health: MCH, EPI, Polio, Birth spacing, Nutrition, ARI,CDD,Cholera Disease Control: STD/HIV/AIDs, Malary, Dengue fever Schistosomiasis,TB,leprocy Health Promotion: Hygien/Health Education,Oral Care,Eye Care, Mental Health


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