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Cold War – global conflict about democracy vs. communism

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1 Key Issue #4 – Why Do Territorial Conflicts Arise Among Religious Groups?
Cold War – global conflict about democracy vs. communism Cold War ends 1990-ish – local conflict about cultural diversity – religion Resurgence of religious fundamentalism – literal interpretation of religious documents; strict and intense adherence to basic principles of religion Intense resistance to cultural and economic globalization; desire to preserve distinctive cultural identity. Insistence by some groups that their beliefs are the ONLY correct one. (Exclusionary views)

2 2 Kinds of Religious Conflict
Religion vs. Government Policies Religion vs. Religion Which one is the “War on Terrorism”?

3 Religion vs. Govt. / Econ. Modernization
Religion vs. Social Change Taliban Islamists vs. Western Values Hinduism (caste system) vs. Social Equality Evangelical Xtians (LRA) in Uganda vs. Homosexuality Religion vs. Communism Eastern Orthodox Xtianity & Islam vs. Communism Buddhism vs. Southeast Asian countries (“immolation”) Angkor Wat in Cambodia – Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge



6 Self-immolation, also called “bonzo” is tolerated by some elements of Mahayana Buddhism and Hinduism, and it has been practiced for many centuries, especially in India, for various reasons, including Sati, political protest, devotion, and renouncement Thích Quảng Đức, and many others, immolated themselves in protest of the discriminatory treatment endured by Buddhists under the Roman Catholic administration of President Ngô Đình Diệm in South Vietnam — even though violence against oneself is prohibited by most interpretations of Buddhist doctrine. Back “Stand Up For Tibet” “Tibet Burning” “as a Political Tool”

7 Pol Pot’s communist Khmer Rouge committed genocide against 20% of Cambodia’s population

8 Religion vs. Religion Religious Wars in Ireland
Catholic Republic of Ireland Protestant Northern Ireland Protestants (58%) discriminate against Catholic minority (42%) Catholics resist persecution and seek reunification w/ Ireland

9 Religious Wars in the Middle East
Crusades – Christians vs. Muslims Jews vs. Muslims in Palestine

10 Religions face off in Jerusalem
The Western Wall (Wailing Wall) is the only remaining portion of Second Temple on the site of the original temple built by King Solomon in 1000 B.C.E. The Temple Mount contains The Dome of the Rock where Muhammad ascended to heaven, and Abraham prepared to sacrifice his son Isaac.

11 Some 230,000 Israelis live in 145 settlements in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, not including the scores of illegal outposts which Israel had promised the United States it would dismantle. Currently 59% of the West bank is officially under Israeli civil and security control. Another 23% of it is under Palestinian civil control, but Israeli security control. The remainder of the territory is governed by the Palestinian National Authority.

12 Map of Israeli settlements in West Bank
V-P Biden on two-state solution V-P Biden visits Israel



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