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2 INTRODUCTION Cambodia is officially titled as Kingdom of Cambodia situated in the South-East Asia and borders with Vietnam, Laos and Thailand. Cambodia has 440 Kilometers of coastal border with the Gulf of Thailand, with a total area square kilometers. Administratively, the country comprised of 20 provinces and 4 cities including Phnom Penh. Phnom Penh consists of seven Districts (Khan), with a population of about 2 millions.



5 Cambodia According to the Inter-Censal Population in March 2004, Cambodia has a total population of persons, persons are male, and persons are female, excluded transient population, The central low-lying area, which stretches from the Northwest to the Southeast, is an important agricultural region; the chain of mountains standing to the West, to the North and the eastern plateau shield the country from the effects of various storms and other possible natural disasters.

6 The great lake of Tonle Sap is a natural basin
The great lake of Tonle Sap is a natural basin. It is the most important area for river fish; the warmth and humidity of the climate bring about the lushness of the vegetation and the forest, which is the habitat of many species of wild animals; and many rich mineral deposits are the future potential resources of the country.

7 More than 80% of total population depends on their income derive from farming based on traditional practices and rudimentary tools. Cambodia’s economy is a free market economy.

The National institute of statistics (NIS) is under the Ministry of Planning. (NIS) has permanent staff workers approximately 650 persons. About 200 staff is employed in the NIS, 150 in the Provincial office, and other 300 staff in the District office.

9 * The main tasks of NIS are: collecting, compiling, analyzing and disseminating primary data condition, private and government establishments and enterprises, demographic statistics, national accounts, consumer price index (CPI) and other primary data with the Government.

10 NIS is also mandated to take charge in the maintenance, updating and implementation of statistics program for the Cambodia government. The responsibility of coordinating with the other government statistics agencies is also the function of the office.

11 From 1993 to now, the National Institute of Statistics has conducted many statistical surveys. Socio - Economics Survey of Cambodia (SESC) started since , , 99 and These SESC were mainly sponsored by (UNDP), (ADB), (UNFPA), d (UNICEF), (ILO) and (SIDA) etc.

12 In March 1996, a nationwide survey on demography was conducted by NIS and in March 1998, the Population Census of Cambodia was secondly done after the first Census The second Census mainly supported by United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

13 The Labor Force Survey of Cambodia has conducted by quarterly since 1995 only in Phnom Penh. In November 2000, and 2001 these survey were conducted nationwide, under the auspices of ADB, (UNFPA), United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and (USAID). The Inter-Censal Population in March 2004 is recently, supported by the government of Japan [UNFPA].

14 Currently NIS Project supported by International Agencies:
1- JICA: Project on Improving Official Statistics in Cambodia, which will be started on October 2005. 2-UNDP: Project on Capacity Development National Statistical System in Cambodia, which currently is ongoing.

15 - Report of Socio-Economics Survey 1993- 2004
References for Readings: - Year Book 2003 - Report of Socio-Economics Survey - Other Sources: NIS, Website ( Internet, CAMInfo.

16 NIS has 4 Departments, nineteen Bureaus
NIS has 4 Departments, nineteen Bureaus. I have been working in Bureau of Syntheses Economics Statistics, Department of Economics Statistic Department. The Organization chart of the NIS is given in appendix on the next page. -         Social Statistics Department -         Economic Statistics Department -         General Statistics Department -         Census and Survey Department

17 MY DUTIES: At present, I am responsible for data collecting from line Ministries to compiled year book and Supported to National Account Bureau.

18 OTHER:   A part from these main duties, I am involved in Demographic and Health Survey (Survey field editor). With the view of strengthening Price Statistics progress in Cambodia, the Present course will be very helpful and beneficial in up lifting and upgrading my statistics skills.

19 Director General, NIS Deputy Director General Deputy Director General
Director General, NIS H.E. San Sy than Deputy Director General Mr. Has Bunton Deputy Director General Mr. Seng Soeurn Deputy Director General Mr. Khiev Sary Deputy Director General Ms. Hang Lina General Statistics Department Economics Statistics Department Social Statistics Department Dept. of Demography . Stat. Census and Survey Bureau of Administration Bureau of Syntheses & Econ. Statistics analyses Bureau of Syntheses & Social Statistics Analyses Bureau of Survey Planning Bureau of National Accounts Bureau of Industrial and Trade Statistics Bureau of Social and Labour Statistics Bureau of Fields Operation Bureau of Stat. Coordination and Cooperation Bureau of Agricultural Statistics Bureau of Education, Youth and Sport Statistics Bureau of Census Bureau of Data Processing ur. of Stat. of Construct , Tourism Environment, Post & Telecomm. Bureau of Stat. of Health Culture Religion Bureau of Statistics Information Bureau of development of Computer System Training Unit, NIS Bureau of Demography Bureau of Price Index 24 Provincial, Municiple Statistics Bureaus  24 Provincial, Municiple DUSC, NIS, Building (Data Users Service center) Divisions

20 Thank you very much.


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