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Sustainability in the Fraser River Basin, Canada Marion Hermus Anke Westera.

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1 Sustainability in the Fraser River Basin, Canada Marion Hermus Anke Westera

2 Introduction Source: Fraser Pass Mouth: Strait of Georgia Length: 1375 km Catchment area: 220,000 km2 Discharge: 3500 m3/s


4 Introduction Inhabitants: 2/3 of the inhabitants of British Columbia (2.7 million) Land use: 210,000 km2 forest Economic: Main salmon river in the world, mainly forestry and agriculture, 10% op Canadian GNP

5 Challenges 4 System conditions Ecosystem factors - Fish stocks (the world’s largest salmon-producing river systems + 57 other fish species) SC 3 - 300 species find their habitat there, important waterfowl breeding areaSC 3 - seasonal changes in discharge (in summer 10 times higher)SC 3 - spread of invasive plant speciesSC 3 - effects of climate changeSC 1, 2, 3 - water and air pollutionSC 1, 2, 3 Economical factors - hydropower, damsSC 3, 4 - fisheries (worth $300 million annually)SC 3, 4 - timber harvesting, forestrySC 1, 3, 4 - recreationSC 2, 3, 4 - mining activitiesSC 1, 2, 4 Communities - urban growth managementSC 1, 2, 3, 4 - transportationSC 1, 2, 4 - strengthening rural communitiesSC 4 - aboriginal and non-aboriginal relationshipsSC 4

6 Vision for the Fraser River (step C) In the future the Fraser River Basin will be a place where: –social well-being, strong economic activity and a healthy ecosystem are all present –all inhabitants of the river basin are aware of the importance of sustainability and work together to achieve this –everybody takes responsibility for conserving and enhancing a healthy ecosystem –communities work together at innovative planning and creative problem solving –decision making is done by the whole community, including the aboriginal inhabitants

7 Actions Short-term actions: No building activities that obstruct the water in flood hazard areas Integrated Salmon Dialogue Forum Yearly competition for sustainable initiatives Long-term actions: Integrated flood hazard management tools Secure and manage the habitat of the salmon and a sustainable salmon fishery Stimulation of cycling in Vancouver Three strategic questions: 1.Is it a step in the right direction? 2.Is it a flexible platform? 3.Is it a good return on investment?

8 Stakeholders Low interestHigh interest Low influenceSchools Energy industry Inhabitants of the Fraser River Basin Aboriginals Researchers Agricultural industry Building industry High influenceFraser Basin Council Government Fish industry Forestry industry

9 Changes Fraser Basin Council Charter for Sustainability ( Awareness, willingness and cooperation

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