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Bristol Ageing Better Partnership meeting Judith Brown: Deputy Chair, Programme Board 13 th January 2013.

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1 Bristol Ageing Better Partnership meeting Judith Brown: Deputy Chair, Programme Board 13 th January 2013

2 Partnership Meeting Agenda  Welcome and introductions (Judith Brown, BAB Deputy Chair) 1.30 2) Ageing Better Programme – Update (Mark Baker, CEO, Age UK Bristol) 1.35 3) Conversations Work (Ruth Richardson, BAB Programme Manager) 2.05 4) Communications Work (Ruth Richardson) 2.40 5) Next steps and suggestions for future meetings 3.15 (Mark Baker/Judith Brown) 6) Dates of future meetings (Ruth Richardson) 3.20 7) Evaluation of meeting (Judith Brown) 3.25

3 Key Milestones 2013 8th NovemberSubmission of Lead Organisation and Development Grant Application (up to £20k available) 2014 30th April Submission of Vision & Strategy Document July Ageing Better Committee Decision (15-20 partnerships selected, up to £50k released, partnership agreement developed with all project partners) Aug-Dec Develop detailed project plans 2015 onwards £2m - £6m awarded for projects lasting between 3 to 6 years

4 Development Funding ActivityCostBLF Governance: meeting room hire, OP time/expenses3,428750 Building the partnership- specialist advice / support3,0003,000 Communications- brand, promotion, media, materials3,5002,000 Evidence base – needs analysis3,8002,000 Joint work programme with small user led organisations8,0008,000 Consultation/engagement: Action Research1,4001,400 BAB local pilot design groups 850 850 BAB Design groups- O P visits models of good practice2,0002,000 Total25,97820,000

5 Research Detailed analysis and report on all existing data available including:  Bristol Quality of life Survey  Bristol Citizens Panel  Office of National Statistics  Department of Work and Pensions Report to include geographic mapping to understand issues and prevalence of older people most at risk of social isolation.

6 Evaluation BLF Evaluation requirement- Lead by Ecorys BAB Older people Researchers Shine Positive Margins

7 BAB Conversations Purpose of Conversations Work: Consult widely with older people to inform Vision & Strategy document BLF Outcome: - Older people are actively involved in their communities with their views & participation valued more highly - Older people are more engaged in the design & delivery of services that help reduce their isolation Engage the BAB Partnership and map existing services BLF Outcome: - Services that help to reduce isolation are better planned, co-ordinated and delivered Conversations Group: Age UK Bristol, Public Health, LinkAge, BOPF, BCC Health & Social Care (seeking more members)

8 Conversations Design Process 1) BAB Programme Board agree broad approach December 2013 2) Conversations Work Team add detail 9 th January 2014 3) Partnership asked for feedback and to add more detail BAB Partnership Meeting 4) Planning with partners begins January 2014 onwards

9 BLF Expression of Interest Submitted July 2013. Bristol one of 32 shortlisted areas Approach identified: Citywide To facilitate a discussion about social isolation and loneliness In local communities Three neighbourhoods will be identified in a first phase Among communities of interest For people with a common interest or life situation

10 Citywide Facilitate discussion about social isolation and loneliness - BAB Communications Group Website/phone line/media contact - Mapping what already exists BAB Partnership to assist

11 In Local Areas Three areas to be chosen based on: Reviewing evidence (12 areas shortlisted) Mapping what already exists and partner support available BAB Partnership BAB Partner Feedback (Today and through email contact with partners)

12 Among Communities of Interest Communities identified in BLF Expression of Interest: BME Communities Older People living in Care Homes Bereavement CarersWork with partner Drug and Alcohol Misuseorganisations to consult Sensory Impairmentwith older people Dementia 85+

13 Conversations Update 12 Local Areas Identified Based on: - Social Isolation Index findings - Responses to loneliness questions in Quality of Life survey - Indices of multiple deprivation - Mental Health needs assessment Lawrence Hill, Southmead, Bedminster/Southville, Kingsweston, Hillfields/Frome Vale, Filwood, Hartcliffe, Whitchurch Park, Lockleaze, Avonmouth, Stoke Bishop, Westbury-on-Trym

14 Today’s Tasks Identify 3 local areas: 1. Mapping what already exists 2. Reasons for working in a particular area 3. Possible lead organisations Please use post its or Communities of Interest:write on posters 1. Mapping what already exists  Possible lead organisations

15 Next Steps Collate feedback from partners and identify 3 areas Proposal to BAB Programme Board 22 nd January 2013 Conversations group meet to develop toolkit and plan next steps Contact with partners in each area/community of interest

16 BAB Communications Short Term Objectives: - Raise awareness of the BAB partnership - Raise awareness of the work of BAB partners - Publicising the BAB Conversations work (ongoing Jan – Mar 2014) Long Term Objectives: - Develop a wide reaching conversation around loneliness (including animation from Aardman) - Targeting those older people unaware of the services available to them - Challenging negative stereotypes of ageing/promoting positive images of ageing Communications Group: Age UK Bristol, BOPF, Voscur, Aardman, LinkAge, Bristol City Council (seeking new members)

17 Communications Marketing materials BAB logo, ‘Babs’ character Raise awareness and promote BAB work (to BAB Partnership and wider) BAB website Media contact

18 Today’s Tasks ‘Babs’ character Comments  Vote with stickers (1= favourite, 4 = least favourite) Please use post its for BAB Logo:comments and stickers for 1. Commentsvotes  Vote for 4 favourites

19 Next Steps BAB Partner comments given to Aardman Collate votes from partners Character & Logo chosen Programme Board sign off (22 nd January 2013) Communications Group meeting (24 th January 2013) Website development (Ongoing)

20 Future Meeting Dates FEBRUARY Monday 17 th February 2014, 1:30 – 3:30pm Callington Road Hospital MARCH (date & venue TBC) APRIL Thursday 10 th April 2013, 10:30am – 12:30pm The Southville Centre


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