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Rehabilitation Medicine Patrick J. Ivory, MEd., MPAS, PA-C.

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1 Rehabilitation Medicine Patrick J. Ivory, MEd., MPAS, PA-C

2 Rehabilitation Medicine  Rehabilitation includes –Physical –Occupational –Speech Therapy –Psychological counseling –Social Services

3 Rehabilitation Medicine  Reasons for referral to physiatrist –Functional loss due to  Fracture  Amputation  Stoke  Neurologic disorders  Arthritis  Cardiac impairment  Prolonged de-conditioning

4 Rehabilitation Medicine  Sites –Acute care hospitals  Short term, not very intense – 1-3 hours per day for up to 5 days –Rehabilitation hospitals  Greater than 3 hours per day –Outpatient services

5 Rehabilitation Medicine  The Referral –Describe the diagnosis and the goal of the therapy  Restoring function to pre-morbid condition  Restoring function to be able to complete ADL’s –Grooming, bathing, dressing, feeding & toileting –Cooking –Cleaning –Shopping –Managing Finances –Use of the telephone –Traveling

6 Occupational Therapy  Self care activities and improvement of fine motor coordination  Help select and train patients with assistive devices  Fit patients with devices to prevent contractures  Help patients modify their homes from hazards

7 Assistive Utensils

8 Physical Therapy  Improve joint and muscle function (ROM)  Improve ability to stand, walk, climb stairs  General conditioning  Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation  Transfer training

9 Special Conditions  Blindness  Speech problems  Cardiovascular disorders  Stroke rehabilitation  Leg amputation  Head injury  Spinal cord injury

10 Therapeutic and Assistive Devices  Orthoses –Support for damaged joints, ligament, tendons muscles and bones  Walking aids –Canes, Crutches and walkers  Wheelchairs  Prostheses

11 Treatment of Pain  Heat –Infrared heat, heat packs, paraffin baths, hydrotherapy  Diatherapy –Short wave and microwave  Ultrasound  Cold therapy  Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation  Cervical traction  Massage  Acupuncture

12 Diathermy

13 Hydrotherapy

14 Canes

15 Walkers

16 Orthotics

17 Prosthetics


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