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Rehabilitation Medicine

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1 Rehabilitation Medicine
Patrick J. Ivory, MEd., MPAS, PA-C

2 Rehabilitation Medicine
Rehabilitation includes Physical Occupational Speech Therapy Psychological counseling Social Services

3 Rehabilitation Medicine
Reasons for referral to physiatrist Functional loss due to Fracture Amputation Stoke Neurologic disorders Arthritis Cardiac impairment Prolonged de-conditioning

4 Rehabilitation Medicine
Sites Acute care hospitals Short term, not very intense – 1-3 hours per day for up to 5 days Rehabilitation hospitals Greater than 3 hours per day Outpatient services

5 Rehabilitation Medicine
The Referral Describe the diagnosis and the goal of the therapy Restoring function to pre-morbid condition Restoring function to be able to complete ADL’s Grooming, bathing, dressing, feeding & toileting Cooking Cleaning Shopping Managing Finances Use of the telephone Traveling

6 Occupational Therapy Self care activities and improvement of fine motor coordination Help select and train patients with assistive devices Fit patients with devices to prevent contractures Help patients modify their homes from hazards

7 Assistive Utensils

8 Physical Therapy Improve joint and muscle function (ROM)
Improve ability to stand, walk, climb stairs General conditioning Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation Transfer training

9 Special Conditions Blindness Speech problems Cardiovascular disorders
Stroke rehabilitation Leg amputation Head injury Spinal cord injury

10 Therapeutic and Assistive Devices
Orthoses Support for damaged joints, ligament, tendons muscles and bones Walking aids Canes, Crutches and walkers Wheelchairs Prostheses

11 Treatment of Pain Heat Diatherapy Ultrasound Cold therapy
Infrared heat, heat packs, paraffin baths, hydrotherapy Diatherapy Short wave and microwave Ultrasound Cold therapy Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation Cervical traction Massage Acupuncture

12 Diathermy

13 Hydrotherapy

14 Canes

15 Walkers

16 Orthotics

17 Prosthetics


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