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April 2014 Performance Report RM Education Stoke BSF and Stoke CIS.

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1 April 2014 Performance Report RM Education Stoke BSF and Stoke CIS

2 Performance Summary – April 2014 During April, we saw a decrease in calls when compared with the previous month, owing to the fact that April contained the Easter Break. A total of 1053 new calls were raised in April, and the same number were closed meaning we carried over 196 calls. 2 Customer Satisfaction surveys completed with an average score of 9.5 The FTF rate is 59% this month. This is in line with previous months.

3 Helpdesk RM dealt with 1249 support requests in April 2014 1053 new requests 196 carried over from last month 59% of calls were fixed first time 1053 calls were closed 196 calls outstanding, of which 93 are awaiting customer action, and 7 are awaiting customer closure. Of the 196 Calls: 28 are CIS Schools 12 are the Primary Service 156 are BSF Schools

4 Trend Analysis Calls

5 Top Reasons for Calls Based on closed calls Number% Teacher Workstation12313.43% Change Requests909.83% Admin Tasks879.50% Unmanaged Tasks748.08% User Issues606.55%

6 Key Performance Indicators - RM

7 Penalties April 2013£2,829.68 May 2013£4,087.76 June 2013£3,043.90 July 2013£2,315.45 August 2013£1,626.57 September 2013£4,029.60 October 2013£2,455.43 November 2013£7,459.92 December 2013£2,338.78 January 2014£1,893.64 February 2014£4,656.21 March 2014£2,389.60 April 2014£1,331.30

8 Customer Satisfaction Figures are from Net Promoter

9 Network Stats for April 2014 …to follow from LA…

10 Focus Areas for Next Month 1) Managed Service Reduction in carried over calls and general improvement in Service Levels and KPI’s 2) Primary MS Ensure the Primary Service is stable. 3) Boot up times. Finalise the WOL set up and re-test boot up times once completed. We are keeping this as an action until all 16 sites have been completed and a final report has been issued.

11 Focus Areas for Next Month cont. 4) Wireless Surveys Wireless surveys have been completed; reports need to be written and issued accordingly. 5) Affordability Continue work on the Affordability ANC (also, see Strategy point 7) 6) Asset Lists Finalise the Asset Lists to ensure they match the Revised Spec budgetary figures

12 Focus Areas for Next Month cont. 7) Strategy Develop Strategy discussions with each of the schools during the regular monthly meetings and take the opportunity to discuss Affordability with them.

13 Reports Will be published on the Learning Platform, BSF workspace

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