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Wilkommen Bienvenue Benvenuto Valcommen Welkəm Witamy Welcome!!

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1 Wilkommen Bienvenue Benvenuto Valcommen Welkəm Witamy Welcome!!

2 The city of Stoke-on-Trent (also known as The Six Towns and The Potteries) is a city in The Midlands, United Kingdom. Stoke-on-Trent is situated almost equal distances from all the major cities in the North/Midlands of the UK (Manchester, Birmingham, Leicester, Nottingham, Liverpool, Sheffield). The city is named after the town of Stoke, the earliest of the six towns to be established.

3 We go to St Peters Church of England High School in Penkhull. We will now show you a few slides with pictures on them of the teachers and a typical day at St Peters. We have uniforms and other lessons so we hope this will be an interest to you all….

4 We start school at 8:45 in the morning, and then we normally have an assembly. We then split into our classes. Hi!!!! I’m Mr bell and I am a Geography teacher and the head of Geography. Hi! I’m Miss Grey and I am one of two art teachers in the school. I love art!!!! Hello!!! My name is Miss Hatton and I am a History teacher. I am also the head of History. Here are some of our teachers and their role in the school.

5 Hi! I am Miss Bailey - Mrs Rubin – And I am a substitute teacher at St Peters but I prefer to teach music. I run the school gospel choir. Hello! I am Mr Lawrence, and I am head of R.E. Hi! I am Mrs Legomski and I teach I.T. I am also the head of I.T. Hello!! I am Mrs O’Connor and I am an English teacher. I am also the head of Year 8. I am the head of maths, Mr Luke. I teach a wide range of ages in the school.

6 Hi!! I am Mr Hopkin, and I teach mainly boys, but some girls, P.E. I am head of this subject Hi!! I’m Miss Soo, and I teach Physical Education to girls and some boys. My favourite sports are Netball and gymnastcis. I am also interested in Trampolining.

7 Hello!! I am Mrs Beattie and I am the one of the technology teachers. I am head of textiles, or sewing. I also teach graphics and food tech. Hello! I am Mrs Page and I teach the three technology lessons. I am head of Graphics. I know that you don’t do this lesson but I teach the Year 8’s Woodwork. We do Woodwork, Food Tech, Graphics and Textiles. These are our Technology lessons. This year we do Food tech and Woodwork. They are completely different to your lessons here in Germany.

8 We have to wear uniforms, shown below and we also have a proper school uniform P.E kit. Our school uniform Our school P.E uniform

9 Stoke-on-Trent is a federation of six much older towns forming a linear city almost twelve miles long with an area of 36 square miles. In 1958 the population stood at 272,000. In 2001 the total of Stoke was 240,643 broken down into 117160 males and 123483 females. Stoke – on – Trent Stoke – on – Trent looking from festival park. This was a decline of almost 9,000 people, 3.5%, since 1991. From the city council web site in 2006 the population of Stoke – on – Trent is 240, 000. As it travels through the city the River Trent is only 2-3ft deep and 4-6ft wide.

10 Stoke – on – Trent is nicknamed the Potteries for a very good reason. Below are some pictures of the potteries museum and art gallery. Josiah Wedgwood (July 12, 1730 – January3, 1795, born Burslem, Stoke – on Trent) was an English potter, credited with the industrialization of the manufacture of pottery. He was a member of the Darwin- Wedgewood family, most famously including his grandson, Charles Darwin. You can now visit the Wedgewood pottery centre, its still going strong today. Stoke is famous for its pottery making. A famous person in the pottery making industry is Josiah Wedgewood.

11 Edward john smith was born on 27th January, 1850 in Hanley, Stoke – on - Trent and was the Captain in command of the worlds largest ship, RMS Titanic. He died on 15th April, 1912 when the White Star Liner had sunk. There is a statue to his legacy in Lichfield, England. Robbie Williams was born Robert Peter Williams in Stoke-on-Trent on 13th February, 1974. He got a job as a salesman but destiny had a lot more in mind; his mother had noticed an article in the newspaper for an audition for a boy band and considering Robbie’s talented voice and acting abilities, she decided to get him to audition and he stepped on the first step to stardom. He was originally in a boy band called ‘Take That’, but then he went solo.

12 Stanley Matthews was born on 1st February 1915, in Seymour street, Hanley, and was a worldwide champion in football. He was fit enough to play football at the highest level until the age of 50, and he was England’s oldest player at the time. He died on 23rd February, 2000, at the age of 85, and is still remembered. Stoke City Football Club is a football club based in Stoke- on - Trent, England. Founded in 1863, Stoke is the oldest club in the Premier League, and the second oldest professional football club after Nottingham County.

13 Auf Wiedersehen Au revoir Arrivederci Goodbye Viso gero Do widzenia Goodbye!!!

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