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Churchill Community College Presentation Bby Kay, Sam, Matthew, David, Nathan and Louis.

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1 Churchill Community College Presentation Bby Kay, Sam, Matthew, David, Nathan and Louis.

2 Newcastle Upon Tyne Newcastle is in the North East of England. Located on the River Tyne. In 2010 the population of Newcastle was 292,200. People from Newcastle are known as the Geordies. Newcastle is home to football team Newcastle United who are currently 8 th out of 20 in the Barclays Premier League.

3 Coal Mining The Wallsend Colliery consisted of 7 pits which were active between 1778 and 1935. By 1924 the Colliery employed 2,183 people. Its most prominent manager was mining and railway engineer John Buddle who helped develop the Davy Lamp. Between 1767 and 1925 there were 11 major incidents recorded at the Colliery resulting in over 2090 deaths. On June 18 th 1835 a gas explosion in one of the tunnels killed 102 miners, the youngest of which was aged 8 and the oldest, 75.

4 Shipbuilding in Newcastle Overtime, shipbuilding has been a big part of Newcastle’s manufacturing status. The earliest record of shipbuilding in Newcastle was in 1296, in which a large, wooden galley was constructed. Since then, ships have been constructed out of steel, and used steam rather than a sail. Shipbuilding was carried out on both sides of the River Tyne, with the two main shipbuilding areas in Newcastle being Elswick and Walker. Newcastle was the third largest producer of ships in Britain, until after WW2, where it began to decline due to lack of modernisation and competition overseas. Swan Hunter is an example of a shipbuilding company in Newcastle, who built ships such as the HMS Express and HMS Exeter

5 Bridges Between Newcastle and Gateshead, there are four bridges which connect the two urban areas: 1- Tyne Bridge – Built in 1928 by Dorman Long. It is one of the main symbols of Newcastle. 2- High Level Bridge – Built in 1849 by Robert Stephenson. It is the world's first road/rail bridge. 3- Swing Bridge – Built in 1876, designed by William Armstrong. Built on the site of the Old Tyne Bridges. 4- Millennium Bridge – Built in 2002 by architects, Wilkinson Eyre,and structural engineers, Grifford. Often nicknamed “The Blinking Eye” due to it’s tilting motion.

6 Churchill Community College Churchill is located in the North East of England in a town called Wallsend. Churchill is a sporting college so there is always sports going on around the college. The headteacher of the school is called Mr Baldwin. Churchill Community College was called Willington High School. For the last two years our school has gotten 100% A*-C in their GCSE results. Our sixth form has also got a 100% pass rate last year. Last year the year 10 football team won the county championship cup.



9 Matthew Smith I am 15 years old and i go to Churchill Community College. My hobbies include: Playing/Watching Football, I support Arsenal FC because I have watched them since I was little. I enjoy playing on the Xbox One. I like to watch crime programmes such as Sherlock and Crimewatch. I also like to watch action films, such as Avengers Assemble, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Hunger Games At School my favourite subjects are Maths, Ict and Business. My worst subject is English. I like to watch videos on youtube and look through the internet. I like to listen to Imagine Dragons and Jay Z. My Favourite colour is blue.

10 Louis Hill I am 16 years old. My hobbies are; playing on my PlayStation 4, running, I am also looking to do the Junior Great North Run. I also like watching films. My favourite film is The Hobbit. I like going to other countries because I enjoy meeting new people and seeing new sites. I also like listening to music. My favourite subject in school is maths and my least favourite is English.


12 David Beck I am 15 years old My Hobbies are: Watching & Playing Football (I have a Season Ticket For Newcastle United) Football Refereeing Judo (Black Belt)

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