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J. Sprenger & Assoc. Made In America J. Sprenger & Associates.

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1 J. Sprenger & Assoc. Made In America J. Sprenger & Associates

2 If you think you had a bad day- You could be this guy.

3 J. Sprenger & Associates

4 J. Sprenger & Assoc. Mission Statement: To Continually Strive to Find the Best Solutions, Products and Services that are Made/Performed in America. J. Sprenger & Associates

5 Background 20+ Years in RF Data Communications 40+ Years SW Development + Consultative Selling 10+ Years Relationship with Midwest Industrial Systems J. Sprenger & Associates

6 My Background RF Data Communications LXE, Now Honeywell Symbol, Now Motorola RFID AMTECH, now Transcore WaveNet Voice Voxware J. Sprenger & Associates

7 What I sell - Hardware Mobile Computers w/Std Range/2D/Near-Far Scanners AML American Microsystems Ltd. M72XX (Made in America, Preferred Product for EZRF) Motorola/Honeywell/Datalogic/Unitech/Alien Tethered/BT/Wireless Scanners Honeywell/Motorola/Intermec Barcode/RFID Printers Datamax*/Zebra/Intermec/Sato RFID Tags, Readers and Antennas Datamax/Avery/Impinj/Laird J. Sprenger & Associates

8 AML Rental Do you need additional equipment for Inventory Wireless M7221, Battery, & Cradle $200.00/Wk. Minimum Rental 1 week Additional Days $35.00 J. Sprenger & Associates

9 Which Type of Label Do I need? Direct Thermal No Ribbons, Applies heat to print head Not Scratch Resistant Will turn black when exposed to light Great for shipping labels, pick tickets and Name Tags J. Sprenger & Associates

10 Or Thermal Transfer Uses Ribbons Not limited to Black Printing Image is Crisp, Durable, Scratch Resistant Last well over a year Excellent for Asset Tracking, Inventory Identification, Outdoor and Freezer Applications J. Sprenger & Associates

11 Label Options Adhesive – Permanent, Aggressive, Removable Colors, Matte or Gloss Finishes Paper/Kimdura/Poly Pro/Polyester All Sizes, Round Corner Rectangle, Oval, Butt-cut, Continuous Pre-Printed Info and/or Logos Perforated, Non Perforated 1 Up, 2, 3, 4 Across Piggybacked Gap Sensed or Black Mark Rolls or Fan-Folded J. Sprenger & Associates

12 Tag Options Coated, Uncoated Colors, Matte or Gloss Finishes All Sizes, Shapes, Continuous Eject Holes Perforated, Non Perforated 1 Up, 2, 3, 4 Across Pre-printed Info and/or Logos Gap Sensed or Black Mark Rolls or Fan-Folded J. Sprenger & Associates

13 Ribbon Options Colors, Green, Red, Yellow, Purple Wax, Wax/Resin, Full Resin Must be Matched to Label and Application Environment Chemically Resistant Extends Print-head Life Flat Head or Traditional Near Edge or Corner Edge J. Sprenger & Associates

14 FREE Ribbons AX 2 Show Special Free Samples Available (Come See Me for Details) J. Sprenger & Associates

15 Service/Parts Manufacturer – In/Out Warranty AML – 3 Year Extended Warranties included Provide all RMAs 3 rd Party Service OEM Print-heads (Datamax/Sato/Zebra) Accessories Agora/Ultimate Case Take-a-Label (Label Applicators/Rewinders) J. Sprenger & Associates

16 Customers Andrade Distributors Aluminum Line Products Ameri-Kart Batteries Inc. C & M Chainwheel Drive Champlain Cable Electro Cables Fisk Alloy Florida Transformer Harbour Industries James Monroe Wire Jupiter Aluminum Kirkland Seed Mott Media Midwest Industrial Systems NuStar Energy Ohio Coatings Phillips Lifestyle Plymouth Tube Revere Mills Rochester Wire Rockbestos Shared Medical Southeast Properties Standard Steel Taylord Products TMK IPSCO Times Fiber Corporation Warner Tool X Treme Apparel J. Sprenger & Associates

17 Questions? J. Sprenger & Associates

18 Thank You J. Sprenger & Associates

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