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Computing Aesthetics Thinking Differently… Dereck Sonnenburg.

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2 Computing Aesthetics Thinking Differently… Dereck Sonnenburg

3 Overview Purpose of our Project Modeling Examples My Dynamic Source Model and Targets My Static Source Model and Targets Recall: Architecture Theater 2-Dimensional Ideas for Future Deliverables Conclusion

4 Purpose of Project -To discover relationships Autumn -(is a)  Color (Thank you Stephen) -Present these findings to others - New way of Learning

5 Modeling Examples Dynamic Models Flowchart Finite-State Machine FSMFSM Unified Modeling Language (UML) Static Models Entity-Relationship Diagram ER DiagramER Diagram Object Role Modeling (ORM)

6 My Dynamic Model The Dynamic Model: FSM of a VCR

7 Architecture Target Model Carnival Fun House You can take a tour much like a museum Elements within Fun House

8 Architecture Semantic Mapping Fun House Entertainment Form Enjoyable Functions / Features Stairs Progression Mirrors Frozen Moment No Motion StepEscalator Resting Point Time Saver Slide Regression VCR Functions Play Machine Entertainment Stop Fast Forward Rewind Pause No Motion Development Rest Point Time Saving Regression

9 FSM mapping to Architecture VCR Fun House VCR Off -------------------------  Entrance (Closed) VCR On -------------------------  Entrance (Open) Play Mode -------------------------  Stairs Stop Mode ------------------------  Step (Resting Point) Power Button --------------------  Doorway Play Button -----------------------  Ticket Stop Button -----------------------  Person Standing Still FF Button -------------------------  Escalator RW Button ------------------------  Slide Pause -----------------------------  Mirrors Eject Button ----------------------  Exit Door

10 Theater Target Model Chose Ballet as Genre to map to Definition Motions of Dancers Music Associated with the Ballet Example: NutcrackerNutcracker

11 Theater Semantic Mapping Ballet VCR Audience Patrons Production Stage Props Performers Actors Orchestra Dancers People Dance Body Movements Rest Forward Motion Backwards Motion Strings Woodwinds Percussion Machine Components Functions Play FF RW Pause Video Heads Entertainment Video Sports Dance

12 FSM mapping to Theater VCR Ballet VCR Off -------------------------  Empty Stage VCR On -------------------------  Dancers on Stage Play Mode -------------------------  Music Playing Stop Mode ------------------------  No Music Playing Power Button --------------------  Dancers Entering Play Button -----------------------  Orchestra/Music Playing Stop Button -----------------------  Stand Still FF Button -------------------------  Fast Music (Defined by beats/minute) RW Button ------------------------  Slow Music (Defined by beats/minute) Pause -----------------------------  Low Volume Music (Defined by Decibels) Eject Button ----------------------  Exiting Stage

13 Art Target Model Impressionistic Painting as Genre Impressionism Colors Associated with Paintings Example: William Glackens’ Mahone Bay Mahone Bay

14 Mapping of Painting VCR On Play Mode Stop / Standby Mode VCR Off

15 My Static Model The Static Model: ER Diagram of Airline PILOT Is Employed by AIRLINE AirplanePassenger Person flies In command of Is a Owns transports Tickets

16 Architecture Target Model Amusement Park Ride Elements of Amusement Park Motions and business similarities

17 Architecture Semantic Mapping Transports Roller Coaster Employees Ride operators Mechanics Engineers Amusement Park Tickets Entertaining Machine Components Track Loops Circuitry Safety Features Padded Seats Handle Bars transportation Airline Employees Flight Attendants Reservationist Mechanic Pilot Airplane Machine Wings Engine Components GaugesBusiness Entity

18 FSM mapping to Architecture Airline Amusement Park Ride Airline --------------------  Amusement Park Pilot --------------------  Ride Operator Airplane --------------------  Roller Coaster Passenger -------------------  Riders

19 Theater Target Model Comedian Stand-Up Performance Held in a Performing Center for the Arts Example: Chris Rock Bio Information

20 Theater Semantic Mapping Funny Comedic Performance Airline Person Performance Audience Pays for tickets Funny Jokes Not Funny Patrons Satisfaction Venue Employees Pilot Comedian Flight attendants Business Customers Buy Tickets Travel Airplanes

21 Theater Version of Model The Static Model: ER Diagram of Comedic Performance Comedian Is Employed by Venue/Auditorium PerformanceAudience Person tells In command of Is a Allows Entertains pays

22 Art Target Model Surrealism / illusions illusions Example: MC Escher’s Waterfall His Works

23 Mapping of Painting Airline Airplane Flight Course Customers

24 Future Deliverables Create the 3-D Models Foam Board and Balsa Wood Virtual Reality Have a Tour of Architecture Models Or Exploring Paintings

25 Conclusion Purpose of our endeavor Models and Understanding them Project Deliverables “Se non e vero, e ben trovato” Translation: “It may not be true, but it’s a great story.”

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