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Power of Observation Quiz

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1 Power of Observation Quiz

2 Question #1 On a standard traffic light, where is the green light found? A. Top B. Middle C. Bottom,0.jpg

3 Question #2 On a penny, which direction does Lincoln face? A. right B. left C. faces forward A. right

4 Question #3 In which hand is the Statue of Liberty holding her torch? A. Right Hand B. Left Hand C. Both Hands A. Right Hand

5 Question #4 What color is the letter “L” in the Google logo? A. Green B. Blue C. Red A. Green

6 Question #5 What two numbers on the telephone keypad do not have letters by them? (Put your phones away!!!) A. Zero and Nine B. Five and Zero C. One and Zero C. One and Zero

7 Question #6 When you walk, does your left arm swing with your right or left leg? (No getting up to check!) A. Left B. Right C. Neither B. Right

8 Question #7 On United States flag, what color is the top stripe? A. Red B. White C. Blue A. Red

9 Question #8 What letter follows Q-W-E-R-T-Y horizontally on a standard computer keyboard? A. “I” B. “G” C. “U”

10 Question #9 On pants, where is the zipper located (don’t look!!)? A. To the left of a flap B. To the right of a flap C. In the center (no flap) B. To the right of a flap rightleft

11 Question #10 Which way does a “No Smoking” sign’s slash run? A. Towards top right B. Towards bottom left C. Towards bottom right C. Towards bottom right

12 Question #11 On a PlayStation controller, which color and shape are matched correctly? A. Pink – Triangle B. Green – Square C. Red - Circle C. Red - Circle

13 Question #12 How many sides does a stop sign have? A. Five B. Six C. Eight C. Eight

14 Question #13 Where are even numbered pages found in book? (No peeking). A. Right side B. Left side C. Where two pages meet (spine) B. Left Side

15 Question #14 How many sides are there on a standard (wooden) pencil? A. Four B. Five C. Six C. Six

16 Question #15 On which playing card is the card maker’s trademark found? A. Two of hearts B. Joker C. Ace of spades C. Ace of Spades

17 Question #16 How many curves are there in a standard paper clip? A. Two B. Three C. Four B. Three

18 Question #17 What is pictured on the back of the United States $20 bill? A. The Lincoln Memorial B. The White House C. U.S. Treasury B. The White House

19 Question #18 The white panels on standard soccer balls are what geometric shape? A. Octagons B. Pentagons C. Hexagons C. Hexagons

20 Question #19 On a standard computer, what does the symbol mean? A. Eject B. Restart C. Pause A. Eject

21 Question #20 On an iPod, where is the “menu” key located on the wheel? A. In the middle B. On the top C. On the bottom virus/&docid=sw0PDAqiFsGhYM&w=338&h=450&ei=9DJpTv3nJ-rjiAKW6YSZDg&zoom=1&biw=873&bih=677 B. On the top

22 How Are Observations Made? An observation is the act of noting something in your environment using the five senses: touch, taste, sight, hearing, and smell. In science, we generally do not want to smell and taste things, especially in the laboratory! tp://

23 Food for Thought… As we continue learning about the Nature of Science and Scientific Inquiry, chew on these tasty tidbits: 1.) How is an observation different from an inference? 2.) How can observations and inferences be used when formulating a scientific question? 3). How do observations and inferences help the scientific community establish laws and theories, such as the Theory of Evolution and the Law of Gravity?

24 Credits Questions (except numbers 4, 8, 9, 11, 17, 18, 19, and 20) taken from The Power of Observation Quiz found at: 12358_power-observation-quiz.html. Special thanks to Nick Cordella, Lena Koslover, and Angeles Contreras for their insightful contributions.

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