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The Pennsylvania Colony By Colton Wigen, Grace Waters, and Nicholas Duong.

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1 The Pennsylvania Colony By Colton Wigen, Grace Waters, and Nicholas Duong

2 Quaker Apple Cookies The unique Quaker Apple Cookies are made from organic home-made apple sauce, locally grown wheat and rye with brown sugar! The Widget Company will truly love the Quaker Apple Cookies made and grown locally in Pennsylvania!

3 Colony History Pennsylvania was founded by William Penn Penn’s goal was to create a colony that had freedom of religion for Quakers He wanted to keep Quakers from Ridicule Our colony is the third richest there is which makes it a great place to sell big batches of your cookies

4 People of Pennsylvania  People in the colony of Pennsylvania were different from the way we live our lives today  Iron ore, lumber, textiles, furs and shipbuilding were some of the many items that the colonist uses as trade  The people in Pennsylvania were privileged considering the colony was the richest of all the 13 colony's  The colony of Pennsylvania had a assortment of nationality such as African Americans, Scotch-Irish, Germans, English  With our diversity we will be able to sell to all walks of life

5 Geography/Climate Geography  Pennsylvania’s soil was fertile and was ideal for farming  The Pennsylvania colony had mountains, plateaus, and lowlands  Pennsylvania’s geography was similar to each the southern and New England colonies' geography sharing common traits Climate Warm summers and temperate winters were ideal for growing crops and agriculture in Pennsylvania The colony of Pennsylvania had the geography traits of both New England and the southern colonies with mountains and plateaus and fertile soil. The climate of Pennsylvania had mildly warm summers and temperate winters. This combination of traits will greatly help the widget company to participate in Pennsylvania’s thriving agricultural industry and make a wealthy profit.

6 Colony Economy Our Pennsylvania colony is the richest colony in the new world We like to be somewhat independent with our economy, we love to trade With all this money in the colony the widget company can sell as many cookies as your want and our colony won’t run out of money

7 Religion The Quakers are a Christian sect which have pushed for social reforms and follow no rituals or sacraments, Quakers were harassed in England and relocated to the colonies to seek refuge from the Christian society The Quakers (The Society of Friends) helped establish a liberal government with no churches funded by taxes William Penn promoted religious tolerance and equality which led to a more religiously diverse Pennsylvania Pennsylvania isn’t dominated by any religion giving way for a more religiously diverse community. The majority population of Pennsylvania are Quakers, Jews, Lutherans, and Catholics. The most prominent religion was the Quaker religion. The Quaker religion and its followers are very friendly and believe in an orderly and peaceful society. Your widget company will be greeted with friendship and kindness.

8 Colony Politics and Government Our colony is still loyal to the king We are currently getting land grants from the king This will help the widget company sell because we will be able to spread these cookies all over the world starting with the king

9 Native American Relationships with Pennsylvania Native American Relationship William Penn – known as the founder of the Pennsylvania – was friendly with the Native Americans in the Middle Colonies and was a well known Quaker William Penn paid a grand total of 1200 pounds and multiple trade offers with Native Americans to gather enough land for the Pennsylvania Colony to prosper The Iroquois ceded land to William Penn William Penn signed many treaties with the Native American tribes in the Middle Colonies for land and peace The Native Americans of Pennsylvania are friendly and have signed several treaties with William Penn for land and peace between the Native Americans and the colonists of Pennsylvania. One of the Native American tribes local to Pennsylvania are the Iroquois tribe. William Penn established a peaceful relationship between the Native Americans and the Colonists. Your widget company will not see any interference by the Native Americans, feel free to trade the Indian tribes for unique Native American items.

10 Conclusion Overall the widget company should come to Pennsylvania because the Quaker apple cookie people will benefit form this cookie no matter what the nationality is, also being the most wealthy colony helps us sell a plethora of these cookies. These along with many other reasons make Pennsylvania the ideal place for the widget company to settle this product! I endorse the Quaker Apple Cookies for their great taste and correlation to the Quaker religion!

11 Flair We will now do a small cooking show regarding the Quaker Apple Cookies

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