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Click on a region to learn more Click here when you are finished.

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3 Click on a region to learn more Click here when you are finished

4 Rhode Island Massachusetts New Hampshire Click to learn more

5 Reason for settlement Keep family together Religious freedom Independence Geography Rocky and cold Narrow costal plain Economy Rich in fish Farming Women worked mostly in the home Major Port Boston, Massachusetts Click to view pictures

6 Do the cities look the same? Back to map

7 New York Connecticut New Jersey Pennsylvania Delaware Click to learn more

8 Reason for settlement Practice religion Make money Did not bring their families Geography Part rural(farms) Part industrial (cities) Economy Sold wheat and grains Produced iron and paper Very diverse population Major Port New York City, New York Watch a movie Back to map

9 Maryland Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Click to learn more

10 Reason for settlement Make money People built big houses and tried to keep the culture of England alive Kept families together on plantations Geography Open fields Warm climate Rural Economy Almost entirely farming Yeoman farmers and slave labor Major Port Charleston, South Carolina Southern Colonial home Back to map

11 This would be your main source of income if you lived in which region during colonial America: New England Middle South

12 Fishing was the main source of income for the New England Colonies. The south relied on agriculture The middle colonies relied on a combination of agriculture and industry Next Question

13 New England & South New England & Middle Middle & South

14 In the Middle colonies, people did not generally raise families. These colonists were usually single, young adults trying to make money. The New England, and Southern colonists moved to America to have a better life for their family, and make money or practice their own religion.

15 If you lived during the colonial era, what colonial region would you have liked to live in? Why did you choose that region?

16 Look how we have grown!

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