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Revolutionary War A-Z By: Skyler.

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1 Revolutionary War A-Z By: Skyler

2 A is for: America The country of which we live in.

3 B is for: Benjamin Franklin
He was an inventor and a very important part of the Continental Congress.

4 C is for: Commander An officer in charge of an army.

5 D is for: Democracy The rights that the Colonist were fighting for.

6 E is for: Equipment One piece of Equipment that the Continental Army used was a knapsack. Knapsacks could hold over 60 pounds of supplies.

7 F is for Freedom The king would not let the colonists have their freedom.

8 G is for Glass The Townshend act made glass and other materials much more expensive.

9 H is for Henry Patrick Henry’s speeches moved colonist toward independence.

10 I is for Intolerable Acts
Lord Fredrick North passed laws called the Coercive Act ,but colonist called it the Intolerable Act.

11 J is for John Hancock John Hancock (president of Continental congress) had the gut to sign his name on the Declaration of Independence larger than anyone else.

12 K is for King George King George III ignored all of the Continental Congress’ letters.

13 L is for Loyalist Loyalist were Colonist who were still loyal to the King.

14 M is for Massacre On March , a conflict broke out between some colonist and British soldiers, this event was known as the Boston Massacre.

15 N is for Neutral Some neutral colonist did not know if they wanted the British to win or the Patriots to win.

16 O is for Organization The Daughters of Liberty was an organization created in response to the new taxes.

17 P is for Paul Revere Paul Revere was a Blacksmith/Patriot, he was also one of the Patriots to warn the militias that the British were attacking.

18 Q is for Quote The quote of Patriot Leader, William Prescott was “ Don’t Fire until you see the whites of their eyes!”

19 R is for Redcoats Another name for a British soldier.

20 S is for Stamp Act In 1765 parliament created more taxes called the Stamp Act.

21 T is for Tea The Sons of Liberty were so mad that the King was still taxing tea that they decided to take action with the Boston Tea Party.

22 U is for the United States
Before our country was called the United States it was called the 13 colonies.

23 V is for Valley Forge The Continental Army spent the winter of 1778 in Valley Forge.

24 W is for William Dawes William Dawes was one of the other Patriots that warned the militias that the British were attacking.

25 X is for eXtremely The soldiers in the Continental Army had to be extremely careful.

26 Y is for the Victory at Yorktown
The Continental Army won the battle of Yorktown.

27 Z is for realiZed After over 3 years of war in the North, Washington realized they need a new strategy.

28 Credits I thank Ms.Merritt and Ms.Garris for teaching
us this great information! I also thank Ms.King for giving us a chance to do this fun project!

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