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Rotary Foundation “101” The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International Foundation Workshop October 17, 2009 Districts 7430-7450 Russ deFuria, PDG Upper.

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1 Rotary Foundation “101” The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International Foundation Workshop October 17, 2009 Districts 7430-7450 Russ deFuria, PDG Upper Darby Lansdowne - District 7450 Jim Palmquist – Emmaus RC – District 7430

2 What is The Rotary Foundation [TRF] Its Mission – Its History What does TRF do? TRF Contributions – Awards – Funding TRF District Leadership TRF Within the Clubs Share Questions & Answers Today's Topics:

3 APF – Annual Program Fund DDF – District Designated Fund DG – District Governor DRFC – District Rotary Foundation Committee FAC – Foundation Area Coordinator [D-7430] EREY – Every Rotarian, Every Year SHARE – Transforms contributions into TRF programs TRF – The Rotary Foundation But First Some Definitions:

4 What is The Rotary Foundation?

5 The Rotary Foundation is a not-for- profit corporation supported solely by voluntary contributions from Rotarians and friends of the Foundation who share its vision of a better world.

6 Addresses all of the greatest educational and humanitarian needs Its world reach is greater than the United Nations We can go where politicians and religious groups cannot The Rotary Foundation is YOUR Foundation Th e Rotary Foundation IS Unique

7 What is the mission of The Rotary Foundation?

8 The mission of The Rotary Foundation is to enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.

9 What do we know about the history of The Rotary Foundation?

10 Well, who is this?

11 Arch C. Klumph, founder of The Rotary Foundation

12 In 1917, RI President Arch C. Klumph set up an endowment “for the purpose of doing good in the world.” In 1928, it was renamed The Rotary Foundation. Total giving has been $2.034 billion.

13 What does TRF do? [What programs are part of The Rotary Foundation?]

14  PolioPlus  PolioPlus Partners  Health, Hunger and Humanity (3-H) Grants  Matching Grants  District Simplified Grants  Volunteer Service Grants  Rotary World Peace Fellowships  Ambassadorial Scholarships  Rotary Grants for University Teachers  Group Study Exchange (GSE) Programs of The Rotary Foundation

15 Let’s See the Latest Rotary DVD on The Foundation Programs

16 Where Does The Money Come From? 2007- 08 TOTAL CONTRIBUTIONS ($245.7 million) Annual Programs Fund 47% PolioPlus Fund 46% Permanent Fund 6% Other 1%

17 Where Does The Money Go? 2007- 08 PROGRAM AWARDS ($208 million) PolioPlus61% Humanitarian Grants Program 27% Educational Programs11% Other 1%

18 How is TRF funded?

19 Two Needs, Two Ways of Giving Annual Programs Fund For Support Today Permanent Fund To Secure Tomorrow

20 Annual Giving Encourage Every Rotarian To contribute Every Year to The Rotary Foundation Annual Programs Fund To participate in a Foundation humanitarian or educational project Every Year Encourage Every Club To set minimum US$100 per capita APF goal - EREY

21 Rotary Foundation Sustaining Member: A Rotarian who contributes at least US$100 every year Paul Harris Fellow: A Rotarian who contributes, or in whose name is contributed, US$1,000 Annual Giving

22 Multiple Paul Harris Fellow: Anyone who makes additional US$1,000 donations above a Paul Harris Fellow Annual Giving

23 Paul Harris Society Member: Anyone who makes a US$1,000 donation each year to APF/SHARE, PolioPlus or approved Humanitarian grants Annual Giving

24 A Look at the Future–Today The Permanent Fund is Rotary’s Endowment Fund. Contributions to the Permanent Fund are NOT spent. Contributions are invested in perpetuity. Only the earnings are spent.

25 How do the funds get to the Districts and Clubs?


27 Why is it called SHARE? Rotarians SHARE their resources with their fellow Rotarians. SHARE? The Trustees SHARE some decision-making with the districts. Rotarians SHARE Rotary with the world through their Foundation.

28 SHARE What does it do? SHARE transforms TRF contributions into Ambassadorial Scholarships, Matching Grants, Group Study Exchanges and more. SHARE?

29 SHARE What is DDF? The terms SHARE and DDF are often used interchangeably. DDF stands for “District Designated Fund.” SHARE? A district’s DDF is made up of two amounts.

30 Annual Programs Fund Contributions At the end of the Rotary Year, the SHARE system divides each district’s contributions to the Annual Programs Fund in half: 50% goes to the World Fund and 50% is credited to the district’s DDF. SHARE

31 Permanent Fund Earnings The Trustees determine the spendable percentage of Permanent Fund earnings. If a district has contributions designated to PF-Share, the earnings on those contributions go through the SHARE cycle: 50% of the earnings go to the World Fund and 50% is credited to the district’s DDF. SHARE

32 The 3-Year Cycle TRF uses the earnings from SHARE’s 3-year investment cycle to pay for administration and fund development The three-year cycle gives districts time for program planning and participant selection TRF operates on a unique funding cycle, using contributions for program activities three years after they are collected

33 2009-102010-112012-13 Funds Raised Funds used for Foundation programs SHARE How it works 2011-12

34 SHARE DRFC Chair District Governor District Rotary Foundation Committee (DRFC) Who is Involved in SHARE Planning:

35 How does the Rotary District lead The Foundation effort?


37 Zone & Global Support Zone Level PolioPolio There is a Global and Zone Level Structure to Support District and Club Foundation Work

38 District Structure DRFC Chair District Governor 8 District SubcommitteeChairs District Governor Elect Other Knowledgeable Rotarians

39 District Leadership District Rotary Foundation Committee Consists of: 1 Chairperson 8 Subcommittee chairpersons District Governor (ex-officio member)

40 D istrict R otary F oundation C ommittee Chair Scholarships Group Study Exchange Grants PolioPlus Alumni Permanent Fund Annual Giving Rotary World Peace Fellowships 8 Subcommittees

41 Works with eight subcommittee chairs under DG’s leadership to plan, coordinate and evaluate all TRF activities in the district Districts will not have DDF access until DRFC Chair is appointed Must have significant knowledge of, commitment to, and experience with TRF activities 3-year term to ensure continuity District Leadership DRFC Chairperson

42 Works with DRFC members and DG to identify and distribute SHARE DDF Encourages contributions to the Annual Programs fund from Every Rotarian Every Year Grants subcommittee must review and certify all Humanitarian Grants applications before they are submitted to TRF District Leadership DRFC Chairperson

43 Sustain and Increase Membership Implement Successful Service Projects Support The Rotary Foundation Develop Leaders Beyond the Club Level Club Leadership Plan Effective clubs are able to

44 Club Board Club Administration Club Public Relations Membership Service Projects The Rotary Foundation District Support of the Club Leadership Plan Club Board Assistant Governors Public Relations Committee Membership Development Committee District Programs Committees The District Foundation Committee

45 What does the Club do to support TRF? March–April: Contact your district governor-elect to discuss enhancing the EREY effort in your club 1 May: Submit your Fund Development Club Goal Report Form May–June: Confirm date for the club visit by your incoming DG Arrange regular Rotary Foundation club programs thru the year July: Open each club meeting with a Rotary Foundation Thought August: Begin planning for November Rotary Foundation Month November (Rotary Foundation Month) December: Review the Monthly Contribution Report, Club Recognition Summary,& EREY Eligibility Report 31 March: Achieve 75 percent of your annual giving goal 30 May: Ensure club goal achievement 30 June: Achieve 100 percent of your annual giving goal Ongoing: Take time to regularly show appreciation Source: Every Rotarian, Every Year Club Schedule [from the EREY Success Booklet]

46 EREY Success Booklet [958-EN] Rotary Foundation Facts [159-EN] Every Rotarian, Every Year Brochure [957-EN] Rotary Foundation Quick Reference Guide [219-EN] Every Rotarian, Every Year Newsletter s/ridefault.aspx Club Foundation Chair Foundation Area Coordinators [D7430] Assistant Governors Chair, Annual Giving on the DRFC Resources For Clubs:

47 The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International Questions?

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