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The Rotary Foundation Subject: Business Review Date: Q2, 2013-14 District 3810.

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1 The Rotary Foundation Subject: Business Review Date: Q2, 2013-14 District 3810

2 Rotary Foundation Motto & Mission To enable Rotarians to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace through the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty - Endorsed by 2007 Council on Legislation “Doing Good in the World”

3 Year to Date Performance D3810

4 Year to Date Summary District Goals $163,230 40 Clubs with Goals Per Capita $76.20 LYTD $76.18 Full Last Year $104.11 Annual Fund YTD $173,422 Other Giving YTD $27,636 Total Giving YTD $201,058 The “per capita” is only based on Annual Fund Giving Philippines Per capita $88.54

5 District Per Capita Trend

6 Annual Fund Contributions by Month vs Last Year

7 Annual Fund YTD Contributions Trend

8 Contributions by Fund by Month 2013-14

9 Participation Rate Donors 1,175 from 2,276 members. Clubs Contributing 48* from 91 Paul Harris Society Eligible Members 99** *Annual Fund Only ** Individual Contributions of US$1,000 or more

10 Top 20 Clubs – Total Giving YTD Dec. Note Not all Clubs have goals set

11 Personal Donors vs Total Membership * EREY measures Rotarians Only

12 Personal Contributions of US $1,000 or greater by District this YTD

13 Donors YTD by Month Trend – D3810

14 YTD participation by Club Members as of December 2013

15 Top 30 Per Capita Clubs in District as of December 2013

16 Participation Rate by Recognition Type V Total Participation last year YTD

17 Non Giving Clubs

18 Membership by Recognition D3810 MAT

19 Five Year Trend by Fund (Whole Year)

20 Five Year Trend by Fund

21 Available DDF

22 Ways to Contribute Clubs Annual Fund Polio Plus Endowment Fund Six Areas of Focus Disaster Recovery Global Grants Personal EREY Centurions Paul Harris Fellow Paul Harris Society Major Donor Arch Klumph Society

23 Rotarian Contributions TRF Program Funding DDF (District Designated Fund) Share Investment Earnings World Fund The Rotary Foundation Money Flow

24 Funds from Annual Giving available to districts 3 years after they are contributed - through SHARE Contributions to the Annual Programs Fund made in 2010-11 are now available in 2013-14Contributions made in 2011-12 available in 2014-15 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 Annual Fund Three Year SHARE Cycle

25 Point of Sale Material Eight Page booklet available from RISPPO at AU $2 each New Pull Ups available from for AU $120 plus shipping New Pull Ups available from for AU $120 plus shipping

26 New brochures to explain different ways to contribute. All available from RISPPO at no charge

27 New Multiple Donor and Individual Contribution Forms

28 Funding Foundation programs since 1982. Contributions are NOT spent, but invested in perpetuity. A portion of the earnings are used annually to support Foundation Programs. Consider a Bequest? The Endowment Fund

29 Bill Gates gives to The Rotary FoundationWhy don’t you? So we can do good in the world

30 Looking Forward – Planned Outcomes – The return on investment Giving to THE ROTARY FOUNDATION is future proofing your FOUNDATION Programs District Grants Local Community Grants International Humanitarian Grants Group Study Exchange Scholarships Global Grants Matching Project Grants Peace Scholarships VTTs Areas of Focus Scholarships

31 Suggested District Business Plan One Paul Harris Society member per Club 33% of all members to be Centurions Consider 10% of Club Fund Raising to TRF 5 new Major Donors per year 5 new Bequest Society members per year TRF to be part of every Rotarian’s Charity Giving


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