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Contents 1.Who are Actionair? 2.Fire Dampers 3.Smoke/Fire Dampers 4.Damper Standards & DW145 5.BS Codes of Practice, BRE Report & Approved Doc B 6.Why.

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2 Contents 1.Who are Actionair? 2.Fire Dampers 3.Smoke/Fire Dampers 4.Damper Standards & DW145 5.BS Codes of Practice, BRE Report & Approved Doc B 6.Why do we need to control & monitor dampers 7.What is an addressable System 8.Why use the Actionpac LNS3 System 9.Some reference sites 10.Recommendation 11.Conclusion

3 Established in 1974 Largest damper manufacturer in the UK Export to over 30 countries worldwide 1st intelligent system used in UK in 1986 Who are Actionair?

4 “Curtain type” fire dampers do not prevent the spread of cold smoke due to their inability to trigger at < 72ºC When closed they are ineffective at stopping smoke Once installed these “Life Safety” devices are never tested Manual testing of even a small number of fire dampers is a prodigious task Future EU legislation will make testing mandatory FACT: 75% of fire related fatalities are due to smoke inhalation Fire Dampers

5 Stop the spread of smoke and fire Can be used to extract smoke at 300 degrees C for 1 hour Many EU countries only permit smoke/fire dampers In Sweden they must be tested every 48 hours Smoke/Fire Dampers

6 Irish & UK practice has been to use fire dampers to BS476 Part 20 – Adhoc fire test not designed for dampers From 1st July 2011 only EN standards will be accepted, BS have already adopted these standards BS EN1366-2 Anticipated from Nov 2009 a new HVCA guide, DW145 for the installation of fire and smoke dampers will replace the current standard DW144 DW145 - small number of installation methods (no assessments) - safe access for future damper maintenance, operation and inspection - Witnessed handover register Damper Standards & DW 145

7 BS9999 - Code of Practice for Fire Safety Supersedes previous publications since 6 th April 2009 Maintenance of fire smoke dampers and their controls, is of paramount importance both in preventing fire and ensuring that measures taken to mitigate its consequences are effective when needed. Weekly - Smoke Control Systems used for means of escape. Actuation of the system should be simulated once a week. Three-monthly - The actuation of all smoke control systems should be simulated once every three months. BS Codes of Practice

8 5 off curtain type fire dampers from different manufacturers were tested in an as installed environment 500 kW fire with fan running - average time to close 6min 46s 300 kW fire with fan running - average time to close 9min 11s 500 kW fire with fan off after 2 min - none closed! BRE (Building Research Establishment) - Test 2005

9 Fire dampers activated only by fusible links are not suitable for protecting escape routes. Smoke/fire dampers to EN 1366-2 class ES activated by a suitable smoke/fire detection system may be used. Where a building involves a sleeping risk, such as an hotel or care home, fire dampers should be actuated by smoke detection as well a fusible link. Fire & smoke/fire dampers should be manufactured to meet the fire test requirements of BS EN 1366-2. Approved Doc B - Building Regulations - Jan 2007

10 Why do we need to control & monitor dampers? In the UK last year there were 33,400 fires in non- domestic premises, leading to 27 deaths and over £1 billion worth of insured losses. Fire, smoke & smoke/fire dampers are all life safety critical and also protect the building fabric/contents therefore they must be controlled and monitored to ensure their reliable functionality. Automatic dampers will become the standard when European legislation demands regular testing of dampers. Fire Dampers are rarely, if ever, tested because manual testing of even a small number of fire dampers is a prodigious task. Life Safety Dampers

11 17 die 62 hospitalised Dusseldorf Airport 1996

12 Life safety & protection of building fabric/contents Isolates fire zones & compartments Keeps escape routes & fire fighting access open Provides pressurisation & smoke extract by integrated operation of dampers, AHU’s and fans Addressable Systems

13 Live graphical user interface (GUI) Cause & effect and damper details viewable at GUI Very user friendly Solid state technology – no moving parts Explanation of everything in simple text and all activity logged Accommodates multiple wiring configurations Open protocol – allows for support by others Allows for phased commissioning and future expansion Benefits of intelligent system

14 In built flexibility from tried and trusted standard software Multiple options for cause & effect scenarios, including three priority levels Accepts duct heat/smoke detectors straight into the damper interface Accommodates multiple damper interfaces (DI’s) System designed to cater for environmental occupancy as well as the building’s smoke/fire strategy. Optional remote access available Benefits cont’d

15 PROJECT REFERENCELOCATION Longbridge HouseBelfast Harold's Cross HospiceDublin Xerox Building 3,4 &5Dublin Temple Street Children's HospitalDublin Nenagh General HospitalNenagh Scotch Hall Shopping CentreDrogheda Uxmouth Power StationUK Aboyne HospitalAberdeenshire St James HospitalDublin Air Traffic Control CentreDublin James Connolly Memorial HospitalDublin Queen Elizabeth HospitalManchester Dalkeith Shopping CentreBournemouth Altnagelvin HospitalDerry St Vincent's HospitalDublin Castlebar CourthouseCastlebar PROJECT REFERENCELOCATION Trinity CollegeDublin Whitfield Cancer ClinicWaterford Stansted AirportLondon Liverpool UniversityLiverpool Heartlands HospitalBirmingham Windsor Office DevelopmentLondon Microsoft European H.Q.Dublin Microsoft EPDC-5Dublin Clare Exchange Belfast Global SwitchLondon Kings LibraryLondon Belfast City HospitalBelfast Royal Aberdeen Children’s HospitalAberdeen Cumberland HotelWales 30 Gresham Street (office block) London Charing Cross HospitalLondon Victoria SquareBelfast Reference Sites

16 PROJECT REFERENCELOCATION Royal Gwent HospitalWales Smithfield Apts & CinemaDublin Neville Hall HospitalScotland Plot4 GasworksBelfast Rutland GateLondon Royal Free HospitalLondon Air Traffic ControlShannon James Street ApartmentsDublin Office of Public WorksDublin Nine Wells HospitalDundee Dublin AirportDublin Customs House Belfast Mid Western Regional Hospital Limerick European Justice Court Luxembourg PROJECT REFERENCELOCATION British MuseumLondon Aviva (Lansdowne Rd)Dublin John Radcliffe HospitalUK Finsbury Square (Office Block) London Prince Philip HospitalLeeds Musgrave HospitalBelfast R.A.F. MildenhallSuffolk 140 Aldersgate (Office Block) London Queen Elizabeth HospitalGateshead Dexia Luxumberg UCC Medical NursingCork Royal Victory Hospital Belfast Western Hospital Scotland University Hospital Southhampton Reference Sites continued…

17 Use Motorised Smoke/Fire Dampers activated by smoke in conjunction with a dedicated Intelligent Control & Monitoring System Recommendations

18 Our Product Range: Who are Actionair? Smoke Shield Fire Shield Air Shield Energy Shield Vent Shield Hot Shield


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