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Missouri PLTW State Conference

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1 Missouri PLTW State Conference
Student Leadership Through SkillsUSA Missouri PLTW State Conference Presented by: Dennis D. Harden, Ed.D. Coordinator, Career Education

2 Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs)
CTSOs are an integral component of the CTE classroom. CTSOs prepare students to become productive citizens and assume leadership roles in their communities. Provide a unique program of career and leadership development, motivation, and recognition. Required for CTE program approval.

3 Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs)
Eleven (11) CTSOs operate in Missouri that are recognized by the US Department of Education. 74,086 students participated in Five (5) CTSOs rank in the top 10 nationally for student membership.

4 Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs)

5 What is SkillsUSA? “SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, instructors and industry dedicated to assuring America has a skilled workforce. We help every student excel.” SkillsUSA is excited to share our newest offering to the career and technical education community (or skilled worker industries) – Skill Connect Assessments. Skill Connect Assessments are authentic, online assessments designed to provide a portable credential to young men and women seeking employment in a variety of industries. Today we would like to share our assessments with you.

6 KEY FACT SkillsUSA is a national nonprofit organization serving teachers and high school and college students who are preparing for careers in trade, technical and skilled service occupations, including health occupations.

7 The Mission… SkillsUSA empowers its members to become world-class workers and responsible American citizens. Jack Frederick, Kansas Top 20 of all world competitors at World Skills Competition, Calgary Washington Leadership Training Institute

8 SkillsUSA Today: National Scope
One of the nation’s largest individual membership associations 255,331 High School Students 12,736 Educators from the High School Division 32,092 College/PS Students 2,903 Educators from the College/PS Division 27,641 Registered Alumni Over 1,100 National Business Partners The success of SkillsUSA in carrying out its mission is manifest in its numbers. Our size and scope are a testament to the work of our state associations, our industry partners, and most particularly our instructors members.

9 Where are SkillsUSA Chapters?

10 Missouri SkillsUSA 2011-12 Membership
10,451 Secondary, Postsecondary and Adult 9 Districts 83 Chapters

11 A Snapshot SkillsUSA Students

12 SkillsUSA Applied method of instruction To connect with students
To build their personal pride

13 The Laboratory We all understand the importance of the CTE lab – where technical skills are taught and practiced The local Chapter becomes the “Leadership Lab” – Where employability skills are taught and practiced Where STUDENTS carry out worthy activities for the program, school and community

14 What Does The Research Say?
According to the National Research Center for CTE survey report, SkillsUSA students agree or strongly agree with the following: 80% “SkillsUSA is a big part of my life.” 81% “I take pride in my schoolwork.” 85% “I’m confident in planning my goals.” 96% “I have the skills & abilities to complete my work.”

15 What Does The Research Say?
According to the National Research Center for CTE survey report, SkillsUSA teachers agree or strongly agree with the following: 79% “My students use math to solve real life problems. 80% “My students participate on teams.” 93% “My students achieve personal goals.” 95% “I encourage students to push themselves”

16 A Recent Teacher Poll: Nearly 6,000 instructors/SkillsUSA advisors polled nationwide 169,000 students in the sample over a five year enrollment period

17 Poll Results Where do your students go after completing your training program?

18 Poll Results High School Completers 45% Directly to Work 36% College
6% Apprenticeship or other Postsecondary Training 5% Military 4% None of the above 4% Teacher was unsure

19 Poll Results Post Secondary/College Completers 72% go to work
10% pursue graduate work 10% go to apprenticeship or other additional post secondary training 2% go to the military 3% none of the above 3% unsure

20 Poll Results In the five years of this sample, how many of your students have dropped out of school? HIGH SCHOOL = 2.93% COLLEGE/POSTSECONDARY = 15% How does that compare nationally?

21 High School Retention Time Magazine “Dropout Nation” Issue (date) cites 33% as the national average or a 67% retention rate Poll shows SkillsUSA retention rate at 97+%

22 College Retention Rate
USDOE Study shows college dropout rate % or retention at 45% SkillsUSA poll shows dropout rate 15% or retention at 85%

23 PROGRAM OF WORK Professional Development Social Activities

24 SkillsUSA Championships
PROGRAM OF WORK SkillsUSA Championships Employment

25 PROGRAM OF WORK Public Relations Community Service Ways and Means

More than 15,000 people—including students, teachers and business partners participate in the week-long event. Students work against the clock and each other, proving their expertise in occupations like electronics, computer-aided drafting, precision machining, and medical assisting. Contests are run with the help of industry, trade associations, and labor organizations.

27 STEM-Related Contests
3D Visualization and Animation Automated Mfg. Career Pathways Showcase CNC Milling CNC Turning Humanoid Robotics Mobile Electronics Mobile Robotics Principles of Technology Robotics and Automation Sustainability Solutions Technical Drafting

28 WHY NOT JOIN US? See all at:

29 World Skills Competition

30 Thank you on behalf of our students

31 For More Information Missouri SkillsUSA Dr. Paul Light, State SkillsUSA Director (573) SkillsUSA

32 Questions?

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