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A Nuts And Bolts Guide To College Success For Deaf And Hard Of Hearing Students By Jennie Bourgeois, Kathy Treubig, & Cindy Camp.

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1 A Nuts And Bolts Guide To College Success For Deaf And Hard Of Hearing Students By Jennie Bourgeois, Kathy Treubig, & Cindy Camp

2 Postsecondary Education Consortium (PEC) PEC is one of the four postsecondary education regional technical assistance centers developed to assist people in locating information related to postsecondary education and students who are deaf and hard of hearing.

3 Goals of PEC To provide outreach and technical assistance to participating states To develop training materials and proven models of service provision that can be included in technical assistance and outreach efforts To develop professional proficiency and technical expertise among service providers To develop cross-regional initiatives for outreach and technical assistance

4 Louisiana State Outreach & Technical Assistance Center Louisiana SOTAC serves individuals, institutions, agencies and other groups statewide who seek or may benefit from outreach and technical assistance related to working with current or future deaf and hard of hearing students at the postsecondary level.

5 Louisiana SOTAC Jennie Bourgeois Louisiana SOTAC coordinator Louisiana State University 112 Johnston Hall Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70803 225/388-4913 v 225/388-2600 t 225/334-2600 fax

6 Louisiana Rehabilitation Services Kathy Treubig, M.A Program Manager for Deaf & Hard of Hearing Services 8225 Florida Boulevard Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70806 225/925-7068 v/t 225/925-4184 fax

7 Alabama SOTAC Cindy Camp Alabama SOTAC coordinator Jacksonville State University 700 Pelham Road North Jacksonville, AL 36265 256/782-5099 v /tty 256/782-5025 fax

8 Acknowledgements Jan Faulkner - Louisiana Commission for the Deaf Henry Brinkman – Louisiana Relay Services Roseland Starks – Louisiana Rehabilitation Services Peggy Brooks – Central Piedmont Community College, North Carolina Carol Kelly – Hinds Community College, Mississippi Many materials were also contributed from a wide variety of individuals and programs

9 Target Audience Deaf & Hard of Hearing High School Students Mainstream High School Teachers Special Education & Resource Teachers Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors Parents Deaf & Hard of Hearing College Freshman

10 Projected Uses of Book Mainstream High School Classes Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling Counseling with Incoming College Freshman

11 Nuts & Bolts Chapters Introduction Self Advocacy Pre-College and Transition Financial Aid Accommodations Academic Issues Campus Life Resources (Web Links)

12 Introduction High Attrition Rate of Deaf & Hard of Hearing College Students Introduction to IDEA, Section 504 & ADA

13 Self-Advocacy How Can You Advocate For Yourself? Why Do You Need to Learn Self Advocacy Skills? Coping and Communication Strategies for the Person with a Hearing Loss

14 Pre-College & Transition Suggested Timeline Chart for Transition from High School to College A Month to Month Guide of What Needs to Happen to Prepare for College

15 Questions to Bring to Your Disability Services Office What classroom accommodations are available? What kind of interpreters are available? (Sign Language, Cued Speech, Oral, etc.) How do I make arrangements for notetaking or captioning services? Are there assisted listening devices and TTDs available?

16 What is So Different About College Anyway? No one to check over your shoulder No one calls your parents when you miss class New friends Self-discipline to complete assignments Request your own interpreters/captionists Budgeting your money

17 Financial Aid Understanding Financial Aid For College Helpful Pointers to Obtain Financial Aid for College Paying for College: A Brief Look at Student Financial Aid Programs

18 Major Student Financial Aid The Federal Government is the largest provider (72%) of all financial aid available through: Grants Loans Work-study

19 Tax Benefits for College Students HOPE Scholarship Tax Credit Lifetime Learning Tax Credit Education Savings Deduction for Student Loan Interest Exclusion for Employee Education Benefits

20 Scholarships for Deaf & Hard of Hearing Students  Business Careers  Exceptional Students  Media Communications & Technology  Graduate Students  Specialized Universities  Deaf Social Scientists  Information Studies  Journalism

21 Accommodations Postsecondary Program Interview: Accommodation Availability Checklist

22 Accommodations Introduction to Disability Services Disability Service Coordinator/Counselor Responsibilities Documentation of Disability Accommodation Request Form

23 Interpreting/Transliterating Accommodations Interpreting/Transliterating Services What is a Qualified Interpreter? Hints for Students Using Interpreters/Transliterators How to Request an Interpreter/Transliterator

24 Notetaking Services Utilizing Notetaking Services Tips for Notetakers

25 Assistive Listening Devices FM Devices Infrared Devices Induction Loop Devices Hard Wired Devices Tape Recorders

26 Real-Time Captioning Stenographic (CART) C-Print

27 Stenographic Captioning (CART) Provides real-time access to spoken information in the classroom. A trained court reporter types verbatim everything said into a stenograph machine which is connected to a laptop computer for the student to read the information.

28 C-Print Captioning C-Print is a speech-to-text real-time access software that allows a trained captionist to type classroom lectures. The captionist types directly into the laptop computer and the student may read from the laptop, a monitor or through a projector. Developed by the National Technical Institute for the Deaf

29 Real-Time Captioning Captions appear on a monitor or laptop Real-time access to all information in the classroom Special Populations Late Deafened English as a first or preferred language Hard of Hearing

30 Testing Accommodations Extended Time Interpreted Tests Distraction Reduced Environment

31 Classroom Accommodations Priority Seating Visual Aids Captioned Films

32 Organizing a Folder of Your Pertinent Information Files Disability Documentation High School Transcripts & Diploma Copy of ACT/SAT Test Copies of Financial Aid Forms Copy of Vehicle & Medical Insurance Information Copy of College Transcripts Copy of VR Paperwork Important Addresses & Phone Numbers Copy of Birth Certificate, Drivers License & Social Security Card

33 Student Project in Preparing for College Provide Students with an expanding file folder along with individual file folders. Instruct students to make individual file sections for their own personalized folder

34 Academic Issues Choosing a College Preparing For Classes What is a Course Syllabus & How Do I Use it? Sample Syllabus Know Your College Academic Calendar

35 Academic Issues Important Campus Contacts & Phone Numbers Succeeding in College Transferring Academic Credit to a New School Making a To-Do List

36 Academic Issues Deciding What to Highlight While Reading Cramming for a Test What Can I Do With My Degree? Improving Your Concentration

37 Pre-Planning for Your Career My Career Inventory My Work Values Worksheet for Preparing a Resume

38 Campus Life Living on Campus as a Deaf or Hard of Hearing Student How will you pay to live in the dorm? Will you purchase a campus meal plan? How do you ask for your dorm room to be made accessible?

39 Campus Life Where will you get a tdd/tty for use in your dorm room? How will you communicate with a hearing roommate? What type of alarm will you use to help you be on time for classes? What offices on campus have tdd/tty phone numbers?

40 Campus Life Choosing the right dorm for you Packing for your dorm room

41 Dealing With Emergencies at College How to Work with Campus Police How to Obtain Emergency Interpreting/Captioning How to Obtain Medical Treatment How to Use Your Vehicle & Medical Insurance Coverage

42 Louisiana Resources Louisiana Deaf & Hard of Hearing Students’ Listserv Contact Information for Louisiana Postsecondary Schools Louisiana Commission for the Deaf Louisiana TDD Distribution Centers

43 Louisiana Resources Louisiana Rehabilitation Services Louisiana Relay Service

44 Web Resources Hearing Loss Captioning & Captioned Films Cochlear Implants Assisted Listening Devices (Sales) Deaf Consumer Groups

45 Web Resources Cued Speech Federal Law, ADA, Accessibility Info List of Links Medical Issues Postsecondary/ Employment

46 Web Resources Real-time Captioning Computer Assisted Notetaking Sign Language/ Interpreting Telephone Technology E-Mail Discussion Groups/Listservs

47 Resources Glossary Of Important Terms

48 How To Use this Resource in Your School, Area, State or Region


50 Send us a copy of your personalized book.

51 E-mail us any ideas, suggestions, comments or corrections for future editions Jennie Bourgeois – Kathy Treubig – Cindy Camp –

52 Please Complete Your Evaluation

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54 Questions & Comments

55 Enjoy the Rest of the Conference!

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