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How to Become a College Student First Apply to the school. You can get an application from ARO (Admissions and Records Office)

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2 How to Become a College Student First Apply to the school. You can get an application from ARO (Admissions and Records Office)

3 Transcripts You will need to submit an official transcript from other schools you have attended. If you have not attended other schools you will still need to submit your GED or your official High School transcript. (If you are needing a waiver you will need to submit a copy of your diploma to the ACCESS office.) more info later…..

4 After Applying You will be given a PIN card. Don’t lose this! These numbers are for web access. You will be able to: –Sign up for classes –Pay for classes –Check your grades –View your transcript –And more….

5 After applying You will also be given a Campus Wide Identification number (CWID). This is safer than using your Social Security Number. You will use this for doing any business with CCCCD. This number is who you are now. (don’t lose this either)

6 What is your Goal? If you are degree seeking you will need to take the TSI or THEA test. (depending on your goals, see handout for further details) If you are going into one of our certificate programs you will need to take an assessment test. No test is required for Continuing Education classes.

7 TSI (Texas Success Initiative) You will need to schedule this through the ACCESS office after documentation is received. There are 3 portions to the TSI: Math, Reading, and Writing. Depending on how well you do on the writing, a writing assessment may be required. Upon completion you will be placed into classes based on your test results. The following screens will apply:

8 English Sequence ENGL 0300, Dev. Writing I ENGL 0305, Dev. Writing II ENGL 0315, Writing/Reading/Reasoning ENGL 0310, Dev. Grammar ENGL 1301, Comp/Rhetoric I ENGL 1302, Comp/Rhetoric II College Level Classes are not sequential and you may test out of these. You are allowed to take the English assessment 2 times each semester.

9 MATh Sequence MATH 0300, Developmental Math MATH 0302, Dev. Pre. Algebra MATH 0305, Dev. AlgebraMATH 1332, Contemporary MATH 0310, Intermediate Algebra MATH 1314, College Algebra College Level Sequence is required in these classes. You are not able to test out of these classes. There are other choices for College level math, see your advisor for details.

10 Reading Sequence READ 0300, Dev. Reading I READ 0305, Dev. Reading II READ 0310, Dev. Reading III You are restricted on classes you can take if you are below Reading 0310.

11 Can I Withdraw from A class? Yes, each semester you are allowed to withdraw up to a deadline date. Your grade will show a “W” indicating you withdrew from the class. (Be careful, if you wait past the date you will not be allowed to withdraw and will receive a letter grade (A-F) for that class)

12 How many times can I take a class? All college level courses can be taken only one extra time. For a total of two times. (If you are on Financial Aid and taking Developmental Classes you are allowed up to 27 hours of repeats in the Developmental Classes.)

13 Need additional help? DARS may be able to help. Contact information available upon request.

14 Paying for School? If you are paying on your own go to the Cashiers office. If you need help paying go to Financial Aid office and fill out the FASFA Do you want a waiver?...........

15 Tuition Waiver You must be a resident of Texas (There are some loop holes if you are not a resident. You will need to contact ARO for further details)

16 Tuition Waiver You must declare a major course of study. Write a statement of purpose and submit it to ACCESS. Why are you coming to school? Is it for a degree, a certificate, for professional enhancement...?

17 Tuition Waiver Provide a certification that you are defined as a person who is Deaf or hard of hearing. This can be obtained through the main office (DARS) Department of Assistive & Rehabilitation Services See example in handouts

18 Tuition Waiver You must provide a copy of your High school diploma or if you have been to other schools an official transcript.

19 Tuition Waiver Student must provide a letter of good moral character. A recommendation letter from someone who is willing to serve as a reference. Some suggestions: Principal, Professor, Pastor, Employer, or other public official.

20 Tuition Waiver Remember, you must obtain a new tuition waiver each semester. If registering on your own be sure to tell the ACCESS office! Tuition Waivers will NOT be approved until ALL documentation is in.

21 Applying to ACCESS In order to receive services you will need to provide documentation that is less than 3 years old. For example an Audiogram

22 Accommodations ACCESS offers a variety of accommodations based on the need and documentation of the consumer. Some of the following accommodations may be provided:

23 Accommodations cont… A seat in the front of the class. Extended time on test Isolated testing

24 Accommodations cont… Notetaker This can be done one of two ways. You can ask the teacher to ask a student or you can ask a student for a copy of the notes. We provide a copy machine or carbon paper.

25 Handouts A copy of the teachers power points or notes if available.

26 Accommodations cont… FM System Tape recorder TTY and Video relay is available TV’s are closed caption but must be requested in advanced.

27 Tutors Tutors are available upon request. Please see your advisor.

28 CART The same rules for interpreters apply to the CARTs. The more advance notice we get the better your chances are of receiving services.

29 Last but not least…. Interpreters

30 What kind of Interpreters are there, ASL, SEE, Oral, Cued….? At the present time there is a shortage of interpreters, but we in ACCESS will make every effort to meet your needs. We have both state and nationally certified interpreters. If there is one you prefer let us know and we will see what we can do.

31 Who makes arrangements for the Interpreters? After you meet with your advisor, your schedule will go to either Kenya Rutherford or Russell Bishop. You will need to sign an Agreement form for services. If there is a particular interpreter you want or do not want please let your advisor know so she can pass on the information. (There is priority registration for those that qualify)

32 Are interpreters available for out of class activities? If you are in need of an interpreter for something outside of class you must fill out an Interpreter request form at least 72 hours before! Last minute request are hard to fill. The more time you give us the better your chances. (see handouts)

33 What If I am late? Tardy and Absent Policy If you miss more than 3 classes in a row your services will be suspended until you see your advisor. An interpreter will wait 15min for each 60 minute or less class. If you are running late please contact the office ASAP or your interpreter will leave. Likewise, if your interpreter is late, please give them a chance before contacting the office.

34 What if I can’t make it? Tardy and Absent Policy Some of our interpreters drive far to interpret for you! Be courteous, Always contact the office if you are going to be late or miss class!!!!!

35 Other policies Please pay attention in class. Do not sign with friends while the professor is teaching. Not only is it rude, but the interpreter has been advised to “voice” what you are saying. This will disturb the class. If you use your sidekick during class the interpreter is not required to retain the information you missed. Please be courteous.

36 What if I have a Complaint? You have the right to express your concerns… If it is a teacher, a CART, an Interpreter or another student, we will be happy to address your specific needs. Here are the steps if the issue can not be resolved on your own. 1) Contact your Advisor 2) Director of ACCESS (Sharon Steele- Blakeman) 3) Associate Vice President of Student Services

37 When and Where are you? ACCESS office hours are: Monday-Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM Located in G 200 on the Spring Creek Campus (SCC) Located in F 118 on the Preston Ridge Campus (PRC)

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