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Classroom Procedures Mr. Stockinger Royalton High School 2012-2013.

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1 Classroom Procedures Mr. Stockinger Royalton High School 2012-2013

2 About Me

3 Why We're Here ● I'm here to teach. I'm good at my job. ● You're here to learn. You will be good at your job. ● Your learning and development is more important to me than anything else. ● Everything I do is guided by this fact. ● Why learn science?

4 The Truth There is absolutely no research correlation between success and family background, race, national origin, financial status, or even educational accomplishments. There is but one correlation with success, and that is ATTITUDE.

5 Safe Learning Environment ● Physical ● Emotional ● Intellectual ● The best thing about ING DIRECT ● You will need each other ● Civility ● Example: If you don't have anything nice to say... ● Example: Unintended slurs and derogatory remarks

6 Procedures ● Procedures and consistency create learning and achievement. ● You don't want to be told what to do all the time. ● Everybody knows what to do and when. ● The difference between rules and procedures.

7 Beginning of Class ● Bring: ● Lab notebook ● Folder ● Regular notebook/loose paper ● Writing things (2 or more) ● Calculator ● Sit in your spot right away. ● Get started on seat work if I have something on the projector (before the bell).

8 When I Need Your Attention ● I'll ask for attention or say “good morning/afternoon.” ● Freeze. ● Please face me. ● Politely help friends who didn't notice.

9 When You Need My Attention ● Raise your hand ● Don't need to stop class to go to the bathroom. Just hand me your pass. ● To ask a question about the lesson. ● For general cluelessness – Safe environment, remember? ● To get me to come to you, put your book upright on your desk. When there's no book, gesture to me. Continue working until I get to you. ● Barking my name isn’t the best option…

10 Getting Help ● Non-teacher sources: ● The text ● The web – – yes phones (…no games, text, Twitter, etc.) ● Your colleagues ● Your own brain. Try sitting and thinking about it for a while! Science is about figuring out new things from knowledge you already have. ● Because it's good for you.

11 End of Class ● Stay in your seat until I dismiss you. ● Dismissal = “Have a nice day.”

12 While You Should Be Working ● Imagine being at a job and I'm your boss ● (Stay on task) ● Ok to talk to neighbors about work ● Work for understanding

13 If You're Late ● Enter the room quietly and without talking. ● See me after class or during work time. ● If possible, have a good reason. ● Be honest. I'm nice.

14 If You Miss a Class ● Get notes and homework from or a classmate. ● If you miss a test, you must make it up. (Different test) ● Unexcused absences may result in a zero for corresponding assignments. ● If you know you'll be absent—get it done beforehand. ● Make a point to be here. It's worth your time.

15 Group Work ● You are responsible for your own job and the results of the group. ● If you have a question, ask your teammates. ● You must be willing to help if a teammate asks for it. ● If no one can answer a question, then agree on a consensus question and appoint one person to raise a hand for teacher's help.

16 Rules ● 1. Use an inside voice. ● 2. Change tasks quickly and quietly. ● 3. Bring all materials to class. ● 4. Follow directions the first time they are given. ● 5. Use positive language and avoid insults.

17 Consequences ● Consequence does not mean punishment. It's just what happens when you choose to break a rule. ● Warning ● Meeting or Break ● Detention or Stockinger Cafe ● Suspension / Administration ● Contact Home

18 More Consequences ● Cheating = fail. ● 3 lates = detention. ● Phones ● Useful tools for science. ● Also useful for distracting you from science.

19 More Consequences ● Satisfaction of a job well done (daily) ● Praise (daily) ● Positive phone call home (random) ● The joy of learning (daily) ● Class self-congratulatory party ● The ultimate reward: an enjoyable, interesting, and challenging class.

20 Homework ● Late work: If I'm not inconvenienced, it's not late. After that, reduced or possibly no credit. ● Must hand in before test. ● If I get a big pile, you can bet you won't get full credit (...or a good performance on the test, for that matter.)

21 Fairness and Differentiation ● Weight class analogy in sports ● Two-way street ● Straight ahead ● Uphill ● Mountainous ● Progression of choice through the term ● Grading

22 Assessment ● Two types ● FOR learning ● OF learning ● Why assessment? ● Who are assessments for? ● Measure and increase achievement

23 GPS and Map

24 An Interesting Experiment ● Special students. ● Top 20% ● Special teachers. ● “As a special reward for your teaching excellence, we are going to give you this information.” ● You must not tell the students that you know they are special. ● You must not tell the parents that their children are special. ● What exactly was manipulated here? ● What were the results? ● What do the results mean to us, in this classroom?

25 Thank You Let’s have a great semester!

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