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A strategy for putting dinero in der pocket The Animals’ Guide to Sports Betting a lesson from.

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1 A strategy for putting dinero in der pocket The Animals’ Guide to Sports Betting a lesson from

2 Notes

3 Definition Bulldozing a bookmaker means getting its odds in line with the honest odds of a more efficient bookmaker. This adjusts its odds while putting money in your pocket.

4 Small bookmakers have a big disadvantage compared to the established ones: they can’t offer thin vigorish until they produce an efficient market. An efficient market needs high volume and rational players. But: rational players bet at the established bookmakers (Pinnacle, SBOBET);PinnacleSBOBET these small companies are unable to accept big bets because they would not balance their books anymore, which can mean death through the gambler’s ruin. This situation makes them see two opposing business paths: 1.Offer shitty odds and scam people in with irrelevant bonuses. A bookmaker that does this will still go bankrupt in the long run. 2.Try to compete by offering an equitable vigorish at low limits and hope to grow naturally and through efficient marketing. By doing this they give themselves a chance of rolling with the big boys, but they go through tremendous risks in the first operating years. Mostly bookmakers that choose the second path expose themselves to bulldozing. In the next slides I will discuss step by step how you should implement this strategy. English is not my first language; I hope I’m explicit enough.

5 Choose a sport… I’ll go with tennis for this how-to. Choose a market. I’ll select money line for tennis. For most of the sports you’ll probably have to go with spread betting instead (for better margins). Choose the most efficient bookmaker for that sport and market. For tennis it will be Pinnacle. If you are unable to do this alone, send me an email on with the sport/market combination for which you want to know who is the most efficient bookmaker/exchange. Or ask on r/sportsbetting.PinnacleLaurentiu.Andronache@gmail.comr/sportsbetting Log into, open all the events from today and tomorrow from that sport/market and on each one calculate Pinnacle’s honest odds and note which bookmakers have higher offers than that. See on the right an example. Pinnacle offers 1.63 and 2.40, therefore the honest odds are 1.679 and 2.472. This is a lot more likely to reflect the true probability than Interwetten’s 1.75 for home win. Put Interwetten and others on your soon to be Victims List and go to step 2. Pinnacle How to

6 Choose one or two major offenders from the Victims List and verify that they actually offer the odds shown by; Read Pinnacle’s TOS for the sport and also read theirs; make sure they’re not Nazis;Pinnacle Check their wager limits and determine if they are suited for your bankroll; Search for your choices on Google, coupled with the word “scam”. For example “Interwetten scam”. Read a few forum threads from start to finish. After you’ve finished choosing a bookmaker, register an account with them and before depositing complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process; Make sure they confirm to you by email that your account is fully verified and you’ll be able to withdraw at any time in the future, without further bureaucracy; Deposit and start making money in a fun way. For the slower bunnies out there: start making money = place a bet whenever and wherever the odds get out of line with the honest odds of the efficient bookmaker.

7 You should be happy. Not many professional gamblers share a system of making money for free. This is in no way related to the Hard Worker’s System. The concepts revealed there are a lot more advanced and suited for the highest stakes.Hard Worker’s System I am having huge regrets already for having named this series “The Animals’ Guide to Sports Betting” for the only reason that there are pics with animals from time to time.  I will be honest. I skipped a few small steps that can improve the ROI of bulldozing, simply because I am a big believer in survival of the fittest. I do not believe that everything should be handed over on a plate in life. It certainly wasn’t offered to me that way.

8 In the next part of “Nature’s Guide to Sports Betting”…

9 In the next part I will make a big reveal as to the optimum way of sizing stakes. Everybody knew it but almost nobody implemented it correctly. New lessons will be posted first on Share this on Twitter Share this on Twitter Share this on Facebook Share this on Facebook Share this on LinkedIn Share this on LinkedIn

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