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Is it 101 or One-on-One? An Online Transformation Presented by Cathryn Smith Associate Professor of English Monroe Community College Rochester, NY.

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1 Is it 101 or One-on-One? An Online Transformation Presented by Cathryn Smith Associate Professor of English Monroe Community College Rochester, NY

2 First began teaching online in 1997 after taking an online class – thrilled by it!  Enjoyed appearance of 24 hour instruction – class always “working”  Enjoyed flexibility of participation – anytime/anywhere But Most of All –  Enjoyed how teacher seemed there for me personally An Online Transformation

3 It was like watching a movie!  Understanding of “others” in audience  Illusion of playing just to us, as if for the first time An Online Transformation

4 What did I like about the class?  Enjoyed discussions – lively participation  Enjoyed diversity in class  Enjoyed “chatting” informally with others in different part of the country But what did I really want from the class?  The teacher’s undivided attention ! An Online Transformation

5 Coincided with crisis in traditional classroom  Increased class size  Increased number of classes to teach  Inability to be present individually for students  Inability to respond personally to student work An Online Transformation

6 It became clear! The online format –  Could provide MORE access to students than the traditional classroom –  Could give appearance of teaching one-on- one! Particularly valuable for 101 classes!  Students typically immature  Students typically need personal attention An Online Transformation

7 Developed first online class in 1997  Spent approximately 100 hours developing the class  Spent approximately 20 hours per week “teaching” class  Spent numerous hours tweaking class An Online Transformation

8 Result from students – overwhelmingly positive!  I love this class – the teacher spends so much time with me. Class is always going, like I just log in and something is waiting for me personally to do. That doesn’t happen in my Math class on campus.  In this class, I have an unlimited amount of time interacting with my professor An Online Transformation

9 The Thrill of Victory!  Student responses were good. Students worked as well or better than traditional classroom! The Agony of Defeat!  Loss of emotional balance  Numerous trips to chiropractor  Marriage counseling An Online Transformation

10 Dilemma : How do I establish and maintain contact with students without exhausting myself in the process? An Online Transformation

11 Solution : Use the tools of technology to help manage the load and create an atmosphere of assumed presence at all time! An Online Transformation

12 In first online class –  Spent approximately 10 minutes writing personal welcome to each student Now, in my 20 th online class –  Use a table to establish a “general greeting.”  Use cut and paste, inserting individual names.  Use a picture of myself– the teacher is IN!  Use welcome video – personal connection Welcoming Students to Class

13 An Online Transformation Welcome Amy! This is the place where we can chat in private about things pertaining only to you, things you wouldn't want to share with the class. For example, maybe you are having a difficulty at home that you would like me to know about as it affects your work in class. Or perhaps you have a question about a grade and would like to discuss further - that's what the private folder is all about. Before you begin the class, please review your welcome video… Thanks for joining us this semester. Best of luck Amy!

14 An Online Transformation In first class –  Ms. Smith – thanks for the warm greeting – I’ve never had a professor welcome me to class before, or thank me for coming. I’m psyched to be here… In 20 th class–  Professor Smith: I loved the video of you explaining the class – made me feel as if you are really there, something I worry about. You spoke to me… Response from students to greeting?

15 An Online Transformation In first online class –  Logged on seven days a week, working everyday to show students I was “there” In 20 th online class –  Log on five days a week –check in, not work in  Use tables and color to establish general greetings for each day of the week to show presence  Use a picture of myself– share personal information Teacher Attendance in Class

16 An Online Transformation Tuesday: Today you have essays due… Monday: Morning everyone… Wednesday: Just want to remind you … Thursday: Great job with discussions… Friday: Another week of success…

17 An Online Transformation Pictures Help Students Connect! Friday: Just got back from a walk with my greyhounds…

18 An Online Transformation In first class –  I like that you are here everyday, even though I’m not. I don’t’ get this personel (sic) attention from other teachers in person. In 20 th class–  I don’t know what I would do if you weren’t logging on every day. I’m so lost! Thanks for helping me. Response from students to attendance?

19 An Online Transformation In first online class –  Spent hours grading, typing lots of personal feedback In 20 th online class –  Use a tables, color and clip art to make general comments  Add student’s name and line or two of personal comment Grading Online

20 An Online Transformation Nice work Jonathan! The purpose of the descriptive essay is to sharpen your observation skills by offering you the opportunity to truly notice the world immediately around you and examine the potential inherent in any given moment. Your essay does an excellent job of… Your essay does a good job of… Your essay does a fine job of… Your essay needs improvement…

21 An Online Transformation Another idea for grading –  Use tables to highlight error areas to avoid repetition.  Gives a great visual of how students are doing. Grading Online

22 An Online Transformation Hello Trisha! Excellent level of understan d 9-10 pts Good level of understand: 7-8 pts Fair level of understand: 6-7 pts Poor level of understand: 5-6 pts TitleTitle unifies poem Title relates to the poem Title somewhat relates to the poem Title has no relation to poem ImageryStartling, provocative, unusual Interesting imagery taking some risks Poem creates a faint picture using abstract details No use of imagery LogicMakes sense from beginning to end Poem drifts in sequence, causing some Poem makes no sense MetaphorSurprising comparison s, fresh ideas Good attempt at interesting comparisons Vague metaphor, vague generalities No attempt at using metaphor

23 An Online Transformation Response from students to feedback? In first class –  No real mention about quantity or quality of feedback In 20 th class–  Your rubric helped me see my progress – I like the colors and the explanation of the essay. Makes me pay more attention.

24 An Online Transformation Lecturing Online In first online class –  Converted traditional lecture to text  Required students to read pages of lecture as substitute for “voice.” Now, in my 20 th online class –  Use tables and clip-art - break up lengthy lectures into small bites directed to the student!  Place table on the daily announcements, in private folders, in small groups.  Reinforces idea that teacher is “everywhere.”

25 An Online Transformation You'll be writing about a slice of your life that has particular meaning and importance, using a slice of your life to talk about a larger idea. You might write about alcoholism, drug addiction, beauty, betrayal, death, etc.. Notice that I said a "slice;" you are not going to be writing your whole life story. Goodness, this class would be never-ending if we did that! But you'll choose a slice that illustrates or provides an example of a larger idea. So the narrative will do two things: tell your story and make some assertion on an abstract idea. Your story is a detail to support the assertion David! Hi David! A couple more words about writing the narrative…

26 An Online Transformation Response from students to lectures? In first class –  Don’t like all the reading – too much lecture. To be honest – I skip around. In 20 th class–  I like the easy way you give us information – not all at once and not a lot at once. Way better than just reading.

27 An Online Transformation How to Make Sure Students read Everything in class?  Creative a Scavenger Hunt – build questions into text  Award points for finding and answering The student will be reading and all of a sudden you will see question #1 for 1 point by 1/26/03: In what state is Joshua Tree National Park the question built right into the text, like you just saw here.

28 An Online Transformation Comparison: Tradition Classroom vs. Online  Prepared feedback, rubrics, seem less personal in traditional classes – create distance  Prepared feedback, rubrics, the use of color and pictures – seem more personal

29 Final Comment from Student  In this class I think I have gotten so much more out of it than any traditional class, just because of the fact that the teacher is more involved. In this on-line class I’ve gotten to know the real me. An Online Transformation

30 Final Comment from the Professor An Online Transformation Whew!

31 An Online Transformation To View Orientation Video: Scroll down page until you see Web Version of “Success in the SLN Classroom.”

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