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Supported Internships - Lessons from the pilot & moving forward Bev Jessop Vice Principal - Academic Queen Alexandra College.

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1 Supported Internships - Lessons from the pilot & moving forward Bev Jessop Vice Principal - Academic Queen Alexandra College

2 Supported Internships - Lessons from the pilot The college perspective The learner perspective The employer perspective Moving forward under the new funding arrangements Guidance & Pathways

3 What is Supported Internship? A programme of study based primarily with an employer A brokered role but based on a real business need Students have a focus on work Support is given to help a young person succeed (and gradually phased out)

4 The College Perspective CHALLENGE 1 Employing the ‘right’ job coach The ideal job coach ! Experience supporting and championing people with a range of disabilities Can handle rejection & has resilience to keep going Salesperson skills Trained in systematic instruction Excellent organisational skills Experience of assessing and recording progress

5 The College Perspective CHALLENGE 2 Employer Engagement Employers Supportive attitude and values Looking to match the intern’s career aims with their needs Need to be sold the benefits of ‘win/win’ Be prepared to listen Getting to the right person important! The QAC Solution? An external salesperson was employed who established 27 new leads with new employers over 5 months

6 The College Perspective CHALLENGE 3 Intern recruitment Recruitment Motivation to want to work is key (from intern and parents/carers!) Making the process as real as possible – setting up interviews, job descriptions, CVs submitted... A good option for a final year programme (restart) Connexions promoted for NEETs Understanding an internship is not just another college course!

7 The Intern Perspective QAC Interns 2012-13 Gym Staff Seb Coe Fitness & Dodge Ball UK

8 Disability Sports Team staff at the West Bromwich Albion Foundation

9 Grounds keeper at The Belfry Golf Course

10 Hospitality Assistant OCS

11 The Employer Perspective “Staff have commented on how pleasant and enthusiastic he is and I have observed that he interacts well” “We are so impressed by the intern!” “It is a job that needs doing and we are happy to give someone an opportunity to get on”

12 The Employer Perspective “The Belfry and I are delighted to be able to offer an internship. The initial pre-meetings were informative and honest. I was able to meet D and interview him with support present and was able to judge for myself whether it would be feasible to commit to an internship” “It’s reassuring that his mentors, Jodie and Katie are on site and are available to cater for D’s needs if required. They do keep a low profile and are very professional at all times.” “D's induction went well and he was delighted to hit balls on the range and hit it better than his mentor! There will be opportunities for D to play some golf too on the famous Brabazon course.” “I believe D is enjoying his work, not quite sure whether the mentors are enjoying such early starts!!!!”

13 The Employer Perspective “It is an opportunity for the young people to be given a chance” “With support, we are able to give people an opportunity to gain eventual employment who otherwise wouldn’t. For example we have previously had a young man on a placement who is not able to talk to others and couldn’t say much in an interview so would be unlikely to succeed in standard recruitment methods. He is able to do the job and we have recently taken him on as permanent member of staff”

14 Moving Forward Element 2: Additional support funding Element 3: Top-up funding “Top-up” funding from the LA to meet the needs of each student placed Contribution of £6,000 to additional support required by a pupil or student with high needs For example: Job coach support; mobility; mentoring Element 1: Core education funding Qualification costs £4000+ For example – Workskills Entry to L3 Contribute to LSA support as needed

15 Supported Interns at QAC 2013-2014 Supported Internships are now part of the curriculum offer Part of the Employment Pathways at QAC Job Coaches are on 52 week contracts so Internships do not ‘do’ college weeks (work through!) Different models for delivery possible – flexibility is key! SI is a study programme –Workskills/employability qualification, functional skills, employment and job preparation skills

16 Supported Internship Guidance ‘Preparing for Adulthood’ Benefits information for potential interns Partnership working Roles What an Internship can look like (various options) Preparing for a SI How to fund

17 The SI pilot groups recommended Job Coach job descriptions made available Nationally recognised qualifications for Job Coaches Awareness of benefits systems for potential interns (a ‘better off’ calculator) Quality mark/Kite mark for employers/colleges who work with SI Guidance on what to do when the SI is coming to an steps for your intern A national awareness programme (as Traineeships) Comprehensive report was produced by DfE

18 16-19 Study programmes – Government response to consultation and plans for implementation 16-19 Study Programmes Equality Impact Assessment 16-%20to%2019-year-olds%20-%20equality%20impact%20assessment.pdf Updated funding guidance g-formula-review Information on Traineeships Preparing for Adulthood

19 Any Questions?

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